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ok i have a question and im always hearing differant answers when honestly i just want the truth. ok amost a year ago now i got pregant by accident i had a abortion but i was less then a month pregant when i had the abortion done!! now almost a year later im trying to have a baby and its jus mot working. my boyfriend ejeculated at least 3 times in me with no pretection and i still got my period could that abotion of lowered my chances of ever getting preganant again!! if not what could be wrong


3 times in month is not enough trying for a baby...

You see... Women have only a 3-5 day window of 'opportunity' to get pregnant each month, so you must learn when you ovulate and sex accordingly.

It takes healthy couples 6-12 months of ACTIVELY trying for a baby to get pregnant.

I work in an abortion clinic and for GYN offices, many women have 2-3 abortions and 2-3 healthy children.