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My period was 8 days late then I started to bleed lighty for 10 days; no cramps, water-like brown blood & no clots. Called doc who suggested I may have had a m/c. Did a pg test the next day which showed positive. I understand this will be due to raised levels of HCG in my system. Went back to doc anyway who said mosy likely had m/c but need to go back for blood tests etc this week.

This morning did another pg test, 4 days later, & still positive. Also feeling pg- sickness in morning & eve, tired, blood pressure low (doc confirmed this) & not wanting to eat. This is just how I felt when pg with my daughter (who is now 11).

Could I still be pg?? Some women get their periods during pg and never know pg but baby appears after 9 months! I'm just scared I'm talking myself into feeling pg.... :'(


I think your doctor was more on the side that it was miscarriage because the bleeding lasted for 10 days. And obviously, the only positive way to know is to have quantitative hcg blood tests or ultrasound and I feel that the sooner you do this the easier it would be for you to deal with whatever the results say. It's hard to say from this side of the screen what exactly is going on - neither did you have huge amount of bleeding with pains, so to be sure it's a miscarriage, but also it's true that some women do have period-like bleeding in pregnancy. I just hope you get the tests done as soon as possible and wish you the best!