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... i didn't get a circumsicion when i was young...

does it matter if i didn't get one?

will it afftect me in any way?


it does not matter...but you should know what your doing

there are positives and negatives

the foreskin does have a covers and protects the also lubricates it when stimulated
The foreskin has many nerves in it...especially the frenulum (connects penis head to foreskin...on back of penis..y shaped)
WHen you are circumsized, you loose this pleasure
its also easier to masturbate becuase the skin rubs over and stimulates the head

After years of being uncircumsized, your penis head looses sensativity because it rubs on ur clothing, etc....therefore after a while you do not get the same pleasure and it may be harder to orgasm

Positives are for personal appearance....if you want to look uncirumsized or feel self concious
if you ejaculate early, it will prolonge it and its easier to clean

thats pretty much it.....dont rush into anything...u cant get it back