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I've been getting these aches for over 2years now, I'm female and 16years old. It's a pain in my upper abdomen that comes and goes in waves, it gets worse after eating but also worse if I'm hungry! It lasts about a week when I get it and I get in about every 2-3months but sometimes it's more or less frequent. I've had a urine test and ultrasound and they both came up with nothing- doctors have suggested acid problems but antacids like rennie and gaviscon and Zantac don't work! Parecetamol does nothing either! I've looked things up onthe Internet and think maybe I could be intolerant to a certain food? But if so how do I find out what? Also a friend of mines parents who are doctors suggested a stomach these symptoms sound like that? Also any other suggestions are welcome and will be much appreciated! I hate this thing so much an will do anything to get rid of it! Especially just before Christmas!!!!! Thanks in advance- if you have any questions please ask!


Any new info or have thou had this solved. My daughter has similar experience. Whadn't know what to try next