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I had an abortion 2 weeks ago and ofcourse after my abortion i bled, as you do. When it stopped, A little under a week later i bled again. im confused im wondering is that my first period? or is that just bleeding still from after my abortion thats stopped for a while then started again?
When i got what ive thought to be my period me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I assumed that being on my period and all it would be unlikely for me to fall pregnant again. Was i wrong? is there a chance i could be pregnant again?

Im so worried.


Hi there!

That may have not been your period, it could have just been residual bleeding..

You are at risk for preganncy though :/ Ovulation can resume within 2-3 weeks of an abortion.

IF it has been less than 5 days, you can use the morning after pill.