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Im only 15 I have a girlfriend I've been dating for over a year we've had sex plenty of times but always protected she doesn't know about me not being able to retract me foreskin all the way back,so yesterday we got really turned on at her house no one was home but we didn't have a rubber she insisted that we tried it without one, so I went along and as I was sliding it in it was really painfull so I ended up not doing it,she got all moody and asked why I didn't do it and I made up a story about not wanting to get her pregnant.I came home and I showered and I tried pulling my skin back and I did it.I did it today in the morning to but Im super super sensitive.
1 how do I get rid of the sensitiveness ?
2 how do I prepare to have unprotected sex so that I won't end up hurting myself ??
I really need advice
help !!!


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Mine used to be super sensitive too, so I decided to desensitize it. I figured that could be done by making it get used to being touched. Since it is naturally sticky that makes touching it more painful, so I figured I had to get it dried off before I began touching and rubbing it. I did that by cleaning it with a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol and letting it dry. Then my fingers didn't stick to it as I gently rubbed it while my foreskin was pulled back as far as it would go. As I had no frenulum to stop it, mine went all the way down the shaft, so I cleaned and dried the whole thing while holding it all the way back.

This always resulted in a super erection that needed to be brought to a climax so I found it easy and fun to do ---- often :-) You have a girl who might like to help you with this, if you can share it with her.

It's a slow process, it takes weeks or months, but every time you caress it, it gets a little less sensitive. The more often you do it the sooner you get the desired results. Once you try it, I'm sure you'll want to do it again. When you first clean it with the alcohol it may be uncomfortable but it doesn't do any damage. The alcohol feels very cold for a few seconds, then it almost feels like it's burning for a short time. If you can put it away with your foreskin pulled back, the constant contact with your underwear will hasten the process.

If your foreskin is painful to retract during an erection because it's tight, the cure is to stretch the opening. I did that by inserting two fingers in it while taking a shower and spreading them. You need to do that often and hold it for as long as you can to get the skin to stretch. Mine was good when it was able to get three fingers in it. Youmay get some skin splits from the stretching but they will heal in a day or two and you can go right back to the stretching.