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My GF is of 21yrs. For past some days, she is experiencing extreme pain and swelling in her boobs. She sometimes has irregular periods. Her periods were suppose to come 3 days back but missed. Such pain occurs to a girl before her periods. But this time the pain is unbearable to her, n such bad pain never occured to her. We never had sex or any such thing. She stays very hygienic.What could be the reason for her pain??


well, since she is not pregnant and still very young, I am suggesting food allergies and reactions to abhorations in our food supply.

soya products are linked to breast cancer as well as dairy (especially milk). almost all soya, including organic, is genetically modified. since the introduction of gmo foods to our diet about 10 years ago, stomach problems have exploded (how many people know someone who has had a part of their intestine removed?); unheard of 20 years ago.

dairy is more highly linked to breast cancer. maybe your GF's body is naturally rebelling against these foods before it settles into disease. probably the case. just switch to a raw foods diet and al these symptoms will go away.