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Hi Friends,

11 days post op and things are going well. I had the stitches taken out today and although I was a bit repulsed at the sight of the wound itself doc says it looks REAL good and recovery is progressing nicely.

I still have to wear the surgical shoe for another week and then slowly transition into my normal shoe. When I am able to wear my normal shoe and walk then he will give me the okay to drive. That is the point he says he will have the dicussion of returning to work with me. Let me add that I am able to bare weight as tolerated, he says to listen to my body. I really have been lucky as far as the swelling has went, I have hardly had any swelling since day 6, and no major pain meds since day 7.

The good news is that I am able to shower!!!! No more bath's for me! How sad is it when a woman gets so excited over a

Here's a little tid bit, instead of antibotic ointment he told me to get some vitamin E and poke a hole in it and squeeze it on the incision. He says it will help shrink the scar.

All in all, I'm greatful I had it done and will do the other foot when it's time. I still have a bad day here and there but I expect those so it's not so bad.....I posted another topic at 6 days post op, but wanted to post here to let those who may be facing this type of surgery know that it's not as bad as I let myself believe it was going to be. Just make sure you research your doctor and your options. Don't push your recovery, listen to your doc, and make sure you have help when you come home.

I hope I am able to help ease someone's mind a bit, or offer advice (on tricks that have helped me) or heck I don't know I guess just be there for someone else as others were and are there for me on this site.

As always Thank You again and BIG BIG hugs to all.



Hi Tommysgal, that's a big deal that you're able to shower now!! congratulations and I'm sure that's a big step. I don't think it's sad, I'm glad you're happy about it. Thanks for the tips and keep us posted on how you are doing! I really enjoy reading about it. How are you feeling?