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Hi. My best friend has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen. Her face is so perfect, without spots, pimples or wrinkles. Since the high school days, all she uses is 70% alcohol. She soaks cotton ball in it and then she rubs her face. I know 100% that she doesn't lie and that she doesn't use anything else except a bit loose powder for foundation. She doesn't use creams or other cosmetic products, just alcohol, yet her skin is perfect. She is smoker, occasional drinker, she doesn't sleep much. We're both 21, but my skin is bad although I use proper skin care. I have acne and even small crow feet, but her skin is so clean and smooth and she's only using alcohol for skin care. How's that possible? Should I too use just alcohol for my skin?


Hi. I'm not sure that your friend uses only alcohol for skin care. She cheats somehow, I'm sure. However, you can use alcohol for skin care but only in moderation. Also, you shouldn't use alcohol if you have dry skin, because alcohol will make it worse. If you have oily skin and/or pimples, alcohol actually may help, because of its antibacterial properties. It also shrinks and unclog pores, so if you have problematic skin with acne, adding alcohol to your cosmetic treatments may help. However, more important things for the healthy looking skin are eating a healthy diet, and drink a lot of water. Get as much sleep as you can, maintain your stress levels, and exercise moderately.