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Hi all. I'm 20 and I have really dry skin on my face, especially on my forehead, nose and below eyes. It's getting worse when cold. I tried many creams and lotions but none helped. Also, my dermatologist recommended cream that contains urea, lactic acid, ceramide or dimethicone. I couldn't find any so I started using vaseline, because my dermatologist also told me it's great for dry skin. I've seen improvement, and my face is so smooth now. No side effects which is also great. Anyway, my sister's friend, which is medical student told me that vaseline is bad for my skin. Couple of others told me the same. Is this true? If so, can you recommend some good cream with ingredients above that will help my dry skin. Thanks.


Hi. Both are right. Vaseline is good because it's a physical barrier between the skin and the air because its molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin. This is why moisture stay in the skin making it soft and smooth.

Why is it bad? Biggest downside of Vaseline is... well, same. It's a physical barrier between the skin and the air, which means that it doesn't allow your skin to breathe. Without oxygen skin cells die and that could lead to wrinkles, premature aging, pimples, etc. That's why some people say Vaseline is bad for you.

My opinion is that all depends on your skin type. If you see the improvements when using Vaseline, I don't see reason why you should stop using it. However, if you notice any changes, like pimples on your face, or worsening condition of your skin, i.e. if it becomes too oily or too dry, you should stop using it.

I hope this helps!