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I tried the lemon mixed with sugar and honey, i boiled them  and later applied to my chin.. they have burned my chin and removed the skin,, its now very red and hairs are still on .. am scared the hairs have not gone or bleached then now a very big scar will be left after the wound . kindly advice am now confused


Hello Lilian,

I'm aware of lemon and sugar/honey  ways of pulling out hairs on the body.  This should never be applied to the face.  Your facial skin is much more delicate then the skin on the rest of your body.  If necessary simply pluck hair away from your chin.  There are depilatories that are specifically made for the face that wipe or spay on and simply wipe away with a damp cloth.  At the moment you need to let your chin heal.  If you have any hairs left leave them there.  A lot of women have hairs on their upper lip and chin and the rest of their face for that matter.  You don't need to worry about this it is common.  You need to wait until your face heals.  If necessary you can use some Mederma for scars to make the area look better.  You'll need to apply this for several weeks to see some improvement.  Be patient!