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So what happened is, when i was a child around 9-11 years old i used to go to this mall that i and my family always shop. I happen to pass by this man who was in his 35 or above i guess (dont really remeber).He told me to come over, i came close to him. Not to mention also he was a man who worked in a shop where he sells toys and stuff..He touched my boobs and squezzed and told me to follow him, so i did! when we were in a private place which was in an elevator. The elevator was in a place where no one can actually notice that an elevator was available there, i didnt know what was happening at that moment neither panicked or something..He touched me all over the place, he sucked my breast and fingered me.I loved the feeling idk why and how this even happend, but it just did! By that age i didnt get my period yet until the age of 14...So this kept on continuing for some months almost 4-5 times with this "stranger"...It also happened with some other man that used to work nearby my house in a small shop but this time he licked my cheek and touched my p***y while i was wearing my shorts..I havent told anyone about this story that happend to my life neither to my parents, i have told to this guy that i met him through the phone i dont know him either but i shared my story with him with this unknown person. He said its not your fault at all, you didnt know what was happening that moment,you probably didnt say to your parents about what happened cause you felt of guilt and ashamed of it and thought its your fault...For the past couple of years i have realised how my anger issues has gone bad to point of hurting my self, tyna hurt my self with a piece of glass or something whenever im angry with my parents or something and i dont know how to deal with this! i wish i could to some therphy or something to deal with this issue i have, the pain that i have been keeping for almost 7 years now, its killing me. I wished this never happened to me, or maybe if i made any action this wouldnt happen.At times i feel its my fault, i feel ashamed, i feel like its no point of living, i feel alot of pain and anger and hatered and how i hate sex and masterbuation and everything that involves of being touched sexually! I wish i was reborned all over again and earse the past bad memories still that has been stuck in my brain,that flashes back to me from time to time..Well this is how i feel and i want to hear from the world that i am not the only girl that has been through this horrible things that happened...:'(! i dont know whose fault this is but HOPE God forgives me for what just happened.Thank you for reading this...! God bless


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