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I had a uterine ablation done June 2002 and have not had a menstrual cycle since. I never really wanted the surgery however my doctor insisted on it due to consistent heavy bleeding. I know I was told having another baby would be slim to none, but is it still possible for me? I have read so many stories aboutwomen having babies after the same type of surgery. If this is really possible I would like to know what types of steps can I take to help me conceive.




Well i'm not to sure about what you are going through. But my husband and I had tried for 3yrs and we never had a baby. Then about 5mths ago we had him tested and come to find out he was NOT fertile. Therefore we couldn't have kids. Well in June 2010, I went to GNC and I bought a bottle of Fertility Blend for Men and a Bottle for women. Well my husband took his and I took mine. Two weeks after taking these pills I am 4 weeks pregnant. They are about $40 a bottle. But totally worth a try. Hope this helps a little bit.