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So me and my boyfriend just had sex not even hour ago,yes we were using protection but he pulled out before he cummed because he felt that it was broken,thank god it wasnt broken but the condom had "come" in it so once we noticed that we stopped because we didnt want to risk anything but when he took the condom off it didnt seem like that much "come" was in the condom so im scared that it might have come out of the condom,after that i got in the shower to clean myself and i didnt see anything but i am terrified that i am pregnant,im trying not to freak out because i heard that stress can cause your period to come late,and since im only 15 that makes this situation even worse but the worst part is that i dont even remember when the last time i got my period was so i dont no when i would be able to take a test,what do you think.? :'(


I think you should consider going on the pill if your not already, double protection is always better. You just have to be 13 at least in most places, and you don't need parental consent. But it can be helpful, talking to someone like your mom or another adult your trust, and having them take you to get them.

Your probably fine, but if you notice that about 28 days go by, and you still have not had your period, you should probably get a home pregnancy test.

My best wishes to you! (: Good luck hun, keep me updated on how things turn out if you can. Don't be shy to send me a message.