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How do I lose the weight that I gained, especially on my back, after I had an epidural?


The only way to lose weight is to adjust your nutrition and to start exercising.

We are all aware which food we should avoid but sometimes we just can’t resist. So deep down inside you are aware that either sweets or pasta or fast food are your bad habits and that you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Start with that and then continue with second most important thing, stop eating late at night. 

If you have covered this then it is time to start with any kind of physical activity. It doesn’t matter what activity you are going to choose but if you want fast results some sports are better than others because in some all muscles are involved and in some are not.

For example you can walk with your baby and on this way you are doing good thing for both of you. I wish you luck with this and let us know about the results.