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Hi guys

To be honest, after I quitted my job I became very lazy.  I don’t exercise anymore, I don’t eat healthy, I don’t have the energy. My TV is constantly turned on and sometimes I watch series whole day and night.

I decided to not to live that way anymore. I have found this Couch to 5k program and I will try to follow it strictly. I want to live healthy again and of course to lose my extra pounds.

I have found some testimonials on the internet that are claiming this program is very efficient. Do you know how fast can I lose my extra pounds by following it?


Hello there.

I am sorry you are feeling that way. The good thing is that you are honest to yourself and that you decided to change your lifestyle. This diet program is good. My roommate has followed it for 2 months and he was very satisfied. He is now living a very active life and he discovered the adventure spirit in himself. He even started with some extreme sports like bungee jumping.

I am hoping it will help you too. When you change your lazy, passive lifestyle you will experience drastic changes. My advice is just to be persistent.

I think you will lose weight quickly by following the program. You will notice first results after a month in my opinion.



Hello to both of you. The main goals of Couch to 5k program are body toning and weight loss. There are two keys of achieving this: an activity program and a nutrition plan.

If you are self disciplined and you have the will power then you will achieve both of the goals very fast. After 2 months you will find yourself exercising and running on a daily basis. You will even start to feel bad when you don’t exercise. Also, after two months the results will be very noticeable.

Be very careful with the food you consume. Your body is now full of toxins because of all that junk food and lack of physical activity. You will need the right fuel so you will need to change eating habits. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits and drink just natural fruit juices.