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Hi all,

I recently had surgery on my knee joint and am still on crutches. I was non weight bearing for 12 weeks. During this time I have put on a stone. I have always been quite healthy and my weight hasn't really fluctuated before..

How have others dealt with weight gain post surgery? Surely most of it will drop off as I start walking more and becoming more mobile? Im just scared as I know how hard it was to maintain my weight before surgery and I had only just gotten used to my figure. I can't fit into my clothes anymore and refuse to accept the weight gain!! Please help!! Any advice/similar stories would be of help


Lola x :'(


I can identify with you. I had knee surgery several months ago and I couldn't move for 8 weeks and over that period of time I gained about 20 pounds. But I exercise frequently now. For example I go to the gym and and walk a mile or more every day. I also ride the stationary bicycle for 20 minutes. Plus stretching,weights, and the stair stepper. And i have had a lot of progress I have lost weight and inches. If you need any more help with anything.. just post I will check back soon! I hope I helped you! Good Luck!