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^ this video works for me while she;s quietly explaining things. As soon as she moves on to something else and goes "Okay!" or sth like that, it goes away I making sense? haha.

I'm so glad I googled this..I've had it all my life, and people look at me like I'm an alien if I ask them about it. Right now I'm watching a librarian reshelving books..that really triggered it for me. I get the 'weak hands symptom' too..i'm having some trouble typing ;-)

There must be a name for this. There are so many people experiencing this that I cant believe no one really investigated it.


Just like everyone else, I've also experienced this pleasant sensation from an early age - my 1st memory of it was when a classmate in 1st grade drew a picture in my composition book. His concentration and focus was just enthralling. I've had it many times, but not so much recently. I was prompted to google the feeling after I got it today when someone I was talking to by phone was helping me navigate through a web search engine. She spoke in very slow, quiet, deliberate tones that really set off the feeling. Unlike many people here, I know that several family members and a friend also have similar sensations. My friend calls them "hairgasms". I am female, in my late 40s and live in the Eastern US. I don't have any sleep disorders (that I know of!)

Anyway, if anyone finds any more information about this phenomenon, I hope they post it here. I'll keep checking.


I have experienced this feeling as long as I can remember. I Googled it just now because it came on me as I watched my son concentrating on a painting.

The most reliable trigger for me is the sound of water; when the plants in the office near my desk are watered, I have to take a short break to enjoy it! I have always assumed this was linked to a memory of my father washing my hair in the bath, which is triggered by the same sound, but there are other ways the feeling can be brought on, such as watching someone trying to fix a PC with thoughtful clicks of the mouse.

Maybe everyone is capable of feeling this, but not everyone takes the time to let it come properly.


The girl's voice on the fafinettex3 video did it for me straight away, but I suppose it would have been a fairer test had I been asked to watch it without knowing why.

Having my hair washed at the hairdresser usually has this effect, as someone mentioned earlier.

I wish I could can it so I could take a swig whenever I needed a lift!


I have been meaning to look up this sensation and I came across all of you that have experienced it.. It's amazing.. I just felt it the other day when i was watching a youtube video about a guy explaining the features of the new phone I'm getting.. I wish It happened more often or I knew how to trigger it.. I actually sensed it a little bit as I was reading through all the posts.. I'm so curious to find out what it is.. IF ANYONE KNOWS please email me!!! _[removed]_
I think I'm gona go to a neurologist and ask, I'm so curious it's been happening since I was little too. Nice to know I'm not the only one!


Wow. Thank you so much for those videos... within seconds of the girl talking my forhead and scalp started to tingle.. not sure how long it will last... but I'll take it! :-)


I think there are several types of this sensation. I tend to get different feelings based on their triggers. When it's triggered by a physical feeling, such as getting my hair cut, or light touches, I mainly get the physical tingling alone. If I'm touched softly anywhere below my neck, I'll feel tingling in my cheeks and neck. When triggered by someone explaining something (doesn't happen often anymore) I get a strange feeling of relaxation and a little bit of happyness. Also the physical feeling is a bit different and usually resides in the head. When I trigger the sensation on my own I get varying levels of euphoria and excitement depending on the intensity of the sensation. When I do this I get waves of tingling and goosebumps all over my body; and also tingling at the back of the neck and head. Each one of these has very similar but slightly different and distinct physical sensations. I think the most important things to look for when examining the sensation for yourself are changes in emotion. The emotional changes really show you that something strange is going on.

BTW I'm a caucasian, 21 yr old male


How strange... I came across this totally by accident online. I also experience this. I never really thought much of it til reading all these posts. It happens sometimes when I am talking to certain people. Not all people. i always figured it had to do with me being kind of shy though. It also seems to happen a when someone is watching over my shoulder while I draw or read... in that case I find it distracting and not very pleasant and usually don't like people looking over my shoulder for that reason. Also when I was little when my friends came over to spend the night we'd "draw" on each other's backs and try to guess what the person was drawing... was kind of a game. It always caused that weird sensation for me. or when my ex used to run the back of his hand down the side of my cheek, just as a caring gesture... that almost always would trigger it. Once in a while it happens at random with no apparent cause though. It's like a kind of tingling sensation on my scalp that runs down my back or along my arms. I dunno that I would compare it with "orgasms" like some people here are saying though. To me it doesn't feel sexual at all... more like just a really nice feeling... or annoying feeling depending on the situation. I've always called it the heebiejeebies. haha o.O


Just found this thread, and same story as everyone: I've been experiencing this all my life, and I'm fascinated that other people experience it too.

It sounds like people have different triggers, but what most have in common is that they involve some kind of unusual communication. The "guess the letter" game would be a clear example, but also watching someone draw with a pen, listening to someone quietly telling a story, etc.

One theory might be is that it is something like tickling, but for part of the brain involved in processing information from the senses presented over time. For me at least, there has to be unpredictable "movement" of some kind -- the drawing being drawn, the story being told -- as well as a sense of anticipation, a pressing into the possibilities of the next moment.

For me the person must be acting "carefully", with precision. The most unusual time I felt the sensation was when playing a 3D billiards game over the internet. I could watch the virtual cue as he lined up each shot, and as he made smaller and smaller movements to line up his shot, the sensation went crazy.

It would be great if we could discover some other traits we have in common. I have a mild mood disorder, and I always attributed it to that, but it sounds like all kinds have experienced this.

One more unusual idea -- I have the vague memory that many more experiences used to feel like that when I was really little, like 1 or 2. Maybe it's some vestige of an reward system involved in early learning? When I have the sensation I feel this sense of absolute fascination like I'm a newborn or something.



Same story for me... I just finished watching a video on youtube and had the tingling sensation up my neck and encircling my head. I thought, I really need to see if there is a thread on this.

I can't believe how many people have found this forum topic!

I've found what really triggers this sensation for me is watching someone who is intently focused on a task. Whether it's a topic that they're very educated about in which they're explaining it to you, or someone drawing a picture, tracing lines, writing letters on my back, etc. etc.

The feeling is amazing, but is a purely non-sexual feeling for me.

I've been searching videos on youtube and watching certain videos that I've found which trigger this sensation before I go to bed. I've found that this sensation creates an intense level of relaxation, so much so that I can barely keep my eyes open and my head up.

It's funny that a previous poster put a link to youtube regarding make-up tutorials. I had also found that these tutorials do the same for me. I stumbled across a make-up tutorial by accident, and for a laugh decided to watch it and found that it triggers this intense feeling.

Here are a couple of guaranteed trigger videos that work for me if you're interested:



So, last night I was watching certain youtube videos from people that I have subscribed to, and for some of them, the main reason that I had subscribed to them is because listening to them and watching them gives me this sensation! For possibly the first time ever, certainly the first time in a loooong time, I actually THOUGHT about the sensation itself - I finally wondered: "Wow, what IS it??"

...and this is what prompted me to do a google search, which brought me to this thread. My heart almost fell down to my toes when I read responses from people that were describing the EXACT sensation that I have been getting all of my life, that I also thought was either (a) very normal or (b) that I was the only weirdo who experienced it lol. Reading all of your experiences has been so eye-opening and amazing, and it makes me very interested as to what this sensation could be. I'm a 22 year old female originally from California, and my earliest memories of this sensation definitely go back to my early childhood. I think the main times that I would get the sensation was when I was listening to certain classmates read out loud during class. I remember being so excited when certain classmates got called on by my teachers to read, because I knew they would give me the sensation. Similar scenarios like these have happened all the way up to this day, which is why I have my collection of youtube subscriptions.

Like others have said, it's mainly a tingling wave of sensation in my scalp and at the base of my neck, and it's such a relaxing, comforting, pleasurable but not sexual type of feeling that I just LOVE. I was almost afraid last night, because when I finally gave the sensation some thought as to what it exactly has been all these years, it went away! It was as though thinking about it too much pushed it away. But after a little while, it came back when I was listening to some of my subscriptions. From this point on I'll definitely be trying to find more information on this sensation! Thank you so much to all that have posted!


Wow great, thank you for the videos. More people should post links :-)

Here's one that's the biggest trigger for me:


I too first really noticed the sensation when certain classmates would read out loud in elementary school. They tended to be the slower, more deliberate readers who had to concentrate harder while reading. I used to love it when they were called upon to read.

I tried describing the sensation to my wife and she had no idea what I was talking about. Great to hear that others feel the same way.


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TDMII wrote:

I most commonly get it when someone concentrates on something that is mine. But it is not limited to only my things. it just happens most often with them.
Like, someone proof reads my essay in front of me.
Or someone takes interest in something I have, and they examine it..

Totally true! I agree with this 100% This is the most bizarre phenomenon.
I'd have to describe this feeling, AIHO as we like to call it, as a combination of two feelings:
-The tingling sensation given by those spidery metal things they have at the mall ( ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed), and
-What it must feel like to be a warm cat curled up to nap in the sun. It's almost a sleepy feeling in that way.

I experience it most when watching a child with little chubby hands handle an object, especially if that object belongs to me for some reason. I also feel it when someone draws on my back with their finger or, sometimes, plays with my hair.
I also experience it, like some said, when a person talks very slowly and calmly. I remotely knew someone who had mental disability (gosh that sounds terrible) who talked about carefree things softly and very slowly. Though everyone else thought he was weird and annoying (and I kind of did too), I tended to linger around him to get that crazy buzz.

The feeling's been absent for awhile, though the other day a girl nearby was handling a model of molecules which magnetically stick together... I started to get it again! I tried to focus on what she was doing, how her hands were holding the object and feeling/observing it, to intensify the feeling, though I stopped when I considered what a creep she'd think I was if she realized what I was doing. eep.

Let's all bottle this feeling up and sell it. I think we've got a million dollar idea with that :wink: