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I have an old, English sheepdog for four years now. He is so adaptable, gentle, smart, and playful. He was never seriously sick. I really do take good care about him. But, lately, I can see that something is going on with him. He is acting a little bit weird.

I notice that he is having some problems with breathing. He is breathing a little bit difficult. He is not so playful like he was before. Also, I can see that he is not eating so well like he used to.

I did some research, and I saw that those symptoms can indicate some illness.

Are those symptoms of heart problems? 


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Those dogs are really cool :) I always wanted to have this one, but I never got him :/ didn’t tell us what are the symptoms that your dog is having? If you did some research, you should tell us more about it.

But, ok…

There are some main symptoms that can tell you that your dog have heart problems.

If your dog has some respiratory rate problems, that can be first sign.

Also, the most common symptom for a dog's heart problem is coughing.

When you take your dog to the walk and you notice that he doesn’t walk like he used to, that can indicate on hearth problem as well.



Hello. I agree with you, Love is pet. Those are some of the symptoms that can indicate the heart problem in dogs. But, there are a lot of other symptoms, such as changes in breathing, difficulty or shortness in breath, changes in behavior – your dog is less playful, he is out of energy, he is depressed and he doesn’t want to play anymore. If your dog has poor appetite, weight loss or weight gain, if he is collapsing, fainting, if he is weak, if he doesn’t want to sleep, especially in the night, that are also the indications for heart problems. Your dog, in this case, can have swollen abdomen as well. 



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I was googling a little bit about those symptoms. I am worried as well, because I think that I won’t be able to survive if my dog is sick.


Heart problems, of any kind, are really serious.

So, you need to visit the vet on the time.

There are some other symptoms, such as :

  • Sleepiness, syncope, difficulty sleeping, exercise tolerance, cough.

If you see that your dog has those symptoms, you should react as soon as possible.


If your dog has those symptoms, if your dog has heart problems, you can treat it right with meds. 



Hey ya all!


I am really, really sorry to hear this. I have a dog for a few weeks, and I could not imagine my life without him, even if I didn’t want to have him.

Long story!


My dog has some symptoms, and those symptoms were really similar to those. I really was hoping that this is not my case, so I went to see the vet.

He told me that my dog was just under the stress, so this might be in your case as well.

I don’t want to repeat what are the symptoms, other members told you already…