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Hey there,

My oldest dog jumped into the pool yesterday. It was really cold outside, and I was surprised because he never done it before…Who knows what has happened to him.


I caught him, and it was really hard lol :)

I cleaned him, I put him in the warm house, etc.

But, today, he is having some problems while he is urinating.

He is urinating a lot and I am almost sure that I saw some blood in his urine.

Could it be a Dog bladder infection?

Can you tell me what are the symptoms of it?

Tnx a lot! 


Hey there.


Those are definitely some of the symptoms of dog bladder infection. But, if you really saw a blood, than this can be alarming.


It doesn’t matter is this dog bladder infection or not, you should visit the vet because of the blood in his urine.

Also, some other symptoms are:



Loos or maybe decreased appetite,

Bad odor of breath


Weight loss,

Pale gums,

Acting like he is drunk…etc


A lot of people are not ready to visit the vet, because they are not so sure. I think that this is a mistake, but if you didn’t see the vet now, you should observe his behavior every day.



Hey you two :) I hope you are doing fine. Treasure, I totally agree with DS991, you need to visit your vet immediately. You can’t know what is this about, and he is the only one who can help you in this.

Here are some other symptoms as well.

Frequent urination, urination all the time, if your dog is really thirsty all the time, if you see that color of urine is different, maybe cloudy, if the urine is smelly, etc.

But, also, your dog can be depressed as well, and this can be one sign of it.

Good luck!



Good day all. My dog had those symptoms as well. I was pretty sure that he has bladder infection, and I wanted to treat him alone, without my vet or any other experts' help. That was the biggest mistake in my life. My dog had kidney stones and when I found this out, he was literally crying in pain. All I wanted to say is that you need to visit your vet as soon as you notice some problems with your dog. You can make mistake with some symptoms, because they can be the same, similar, or without symptoms. Good luck and I hope that your dog is going to be fine.



Good day everyone,


I totally forgot to mention a few things. So, I came back :)

If you notice that your dog is not urinating a lot or if your dog has some fever, you should pay attention on this as well. Back pain also can be good indicator that your dog has bladder infection. If your dog wants to drink a lot of water, this is also a sign.

Now, I think that I didn’t forget to say what I intended to. :)

Only one more thing, I have to say that I agree that sometimes bladder infection and kidney stones in dogs can be manifested with similar symptoms.