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Hi. I'm arguing with my friend about the cosmetics products all the time. I mostly use cheaper ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) products. I also like Maybelline and Rimmel. But she keeps saying that cheap cosmetics will ruin my skin and she always choose more expensive brands, because according to her they have more quality and won't cause any problems with my skin. Is this true? Also, what do you prefer, cheaper or more expensive products?


Hi. Well, I guess it all depends on persons and preferences. I love ELF and Maybelline and they work very well for me, especially concealor and eye shadows. However, I use expensive foundations because I have problem matching cheeper foundations with my skin tone. I also use mascara by MAC. It costs more but it lasts longer and looks amazing. More expensive makeup probably offers better quality and it lasts longer than the cheap cosmetics. But, I'm not slave to the brands or cost. I always try to find some middle solution. As I said it all depends on what do you prefer. :)