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Hello. I'm 45 year old female and recently I have started to suffer from some serious pains located in my left side of abdomen.
I managed to endure pain for about two weeks but with time pain became unbearable.
So, I sought for medical help. My doctor, after he examined me with ultrasound, told me that I have big stone in my left kidney and that only operation can solve my problems.
But, because I have problems with overweight doctor said that he couldn’t perform classical operation but he must do some operation called pulverization.
What kind of operation is this, so called, fat pulverization operation? Will I need one more operation after if?


Hmm...I have read your post carefully and I came to some conclusions. First of all, I have never heard about fat pulverization operation and I'm sure this kind of operation does not exist at all.
I thought you misunderstood the doctor’s explanation. You are overweight person and that’s why your doctor couldn’t perform classical invasive operation. So he suggested you one kind of operation called pulverization.
This is not some method which will help to remove your fat in lumbal region but, another type of kidney operation.
Pulverization in generally means the reduction of any substance to powder.
This is very common operation of stones in human body which contains integrated laser delivery system for stone pulverization and a cooling system to maintain the integrity of surrounding soft tissues.
This kind of operation has some advantages like, minimally invasive surgery to replace open surgical procedures, out-patient procedure under local anesthesia, fast recovery that will reduce hospitalization costs and no cosmetic disfigurement.
Laser will turn your stone into a powder after which you will urinate the rest of it.