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Few days ago, I’m diagnosed with chronic inflammation of appendix called appendicitis. I was very lucky, my doctor said, I get in this chronic stadium because acute appendicitis is a very serious and life-threatening condition.
He also said that was happened because I had a strong immune response. I did felt some pains few days ago but I didn’t pay too much attention on it. Now I’m scheduled on surgery.
Doctor is planning to perform a classic, conservative method of operation called infraumbilical medial laparotomy. However, I heard of some other method called laparoscopy. Why is this method different and what are advantages of this method?


I know a little about laparoscopy because I had such operation last year on my Fallopian tubes.
Laparoscopy is type of endoscopy. It is direct visualization of the peritoneal cavity and it’s done with laparoscopy.
The laparoscopy is a sterile surgical instrument that’s looks like a miniature telescope with an optic system and light source on his top, which brings light into the abdomen. Instrument is usually introduced via small cuts in the skin. The surgeon must be able to perform an operation just looking at a screen or monitor.
Laparoscopic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with patients because the scars are smaller and their period of recovery is shorter. Bacterial super infections are very rear postoperatively and you can go home few hours after surgery. Only disadvantage is that this kind of operation is much more expensive than classical. So, if you had enough money-just go for it!