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Im 18,uncircumcised. Had a procedure when I was small (don't know the name or what was it about?), which involved an incision on the right side of the pelvis. I can retract the foreskin and uncover the glans with relative easy but don't usually do so. I've never really tried to pull the foreskin any further. Does the forein have to retract all the way back to base of the shaft? Is it essential for sex? How do I go about it? Will trying to retract during bathing be fine.


Hi Guest,

I can't help you with the "procedure" as there are many things that might have been done there.  I'm thinking a testicle may not have dropped but that's only a guess.

On the foreskin, it should easily slide up and down your penis.  It will make sex MUCH more pleasurable for you.  If it doesn't slide easily, work on it while you masturbate.  As it goes over the glans it will stretch.  Don't force it if it won't go easily.  As you work it more often it will loosen up.

It's not essential for sex but again, it will be more comfortable for you.  Also, you'll notice the glans is sensitive.  This is normal too.  As it is exposed it will become less sensitive - normal.

Hope it helps.



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One of my boys was born with a hernia which required an operation shortly after he was born.

It's not necessary f0r the foreskin to retract to have sex but it sure is nice for both you and your partner.

How come you haven't tried to see how far it will retract? My curiosity had me checking that out constantly when I was a kid.

You asked how you go about it so I'm guessing maybe you have a problem retracting it. Is that it? Is there something stopping it from going back?

My frenulum was limiting how far mine would go until it got torn during sex. After it tore several times it is now as if I never had one and my foreskin goes back all the way. If I was to put a mark at the tip with a magic marker when it's in it's normal position that mark would be down at the base next to my abdomen when I pull it all the way back. It does that comfortably without any tightness or pain. That makes it really nice for me and my wife during sex.

If yours is difficult to pull back, first you need to figure out why. If it's just tight, keep working on getting it back a little more each time. Doing that in the bath is very good as the warm water softens the skin so it will stretch more easily.


Why don't you test it to see how far back it will go?

The extent of foreskin retraction depends on the length of the frenulum.

If it will retract behind the glans with ease, that should be sufficient for intercourse.

Of course, it is possible to have intercourse with a totally non-retractable foreskin.


Retraction of the foreskin is limited by the length of the frenulum.  Some guys can retract a lot and some just a little. If it goes behind the glans that should be more than sufficient for sex.