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I mastrubate maybe once in two weeks... Everyday I wake up I have an erection is that a signal to me that I need to mastrubate more?? I often get erections for no reason Do I have to mastrubate more?? And also when I do mastrubate I have a burning sensation during ejaculation and my penis starts throbbing What should I do??


What's up! Well, it is normal for men to have erection every morning. Hahaha! It is not a sign for u to increase ur masturbation activity. The burning sensation?? Since u r only masturbating every 2 weeks, it influences ur penis. U c, whenever u ejaculate, the muscles and veins around ur penis work simultaneously to ejaculate the semen. That's y u felt a 'burning sensation' since u masturbate quite seldom. Hope this can help you!