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Hi, I have a problem. Month ago I was sick with bronchitis and pneumonia for about 3 weeks and I used much medicine and 2 strong antibiotics that messed me up so much that i feel little bit weak even now - after month, but it starts to get normal again . at the same time( when I was sick) I got problem with my penis - skin of it`s head was much more sensitive and sore - maybe side-effect from medicine. I used cream that heals skin(It was cream for face skin, but pharmacist told me that it is very gentle and fine for penis too) and it worked ( at least i think so), and skin of penis was beautiful again after week. But now i have problem with premature ejaculation(short time after i got erection penis head starts to feel more sensitive than normal) and sometimes after i masturbate i feel little discomfort at back of penis head - where it joins with foreskin - It feels like i got little spot there, that doesn`t hurt much but just a little when i touch it. It started week or two after i used cream. So I want to ask is it possible to get premature ejaculation and that other thing I described from those sicknesses or as a side-effect from antibiotics or maybe cream ? I think problem with premature ejaculation and discomfort at penis head starts to reduce but it is not gone yet. btw i do`nt have problems with erection weirdly it is little bit harder and better than before.
I did`nt have such problem never before and i am 19 years old.

I know that there are foods and herbs that strengthens and improve penis and all around it - I often eat peanuts, fruits and raw quail eggs every day. I try to train PC and other muscles with excersises to strengthen that part of lower body.

I tried to find information about premature ejaculation, but all information was about exercises "How to last longer" or stuff like that, that I already know. Or about some serious diseases, but i do`nt think that my problem or symptoms are that bad or terrible.

so questions I want to ask:
- Can bronchitis , pneumonia or antibiotics for them can cause this ?
- Is it something important and do I need to worry ?
- Can it cure by itself ?
- How can i cure it and can i cure it with herbs ?
- Do I realy need to see a doctor ?
- Can it be some small injury and can it be healed by not masturbating so often( 3 to 6 times per week) , because i tried to not do it so much and maybe thats why problem with PE and that feeling at tip of penis head started to reduce.

Please help. I want to be back to normal again :-( . And sorry for my mistakes English is not my native language.


can somebody help with this ?


dude! whether its a serious issue or a not so serious issue ...worrying is only gonna get u weaker!! now for ur problem, if u feel that there is something stuck in ur bladder ......if it irritates wen u urinate, if ur ejaculation is not so thick as it should be, if ur urine is giving a weird smell and do u feel irritation in the abdomen, then i suggest u should see a doctor it may be a UTI (urinary tract infection) donot ignore this! then i suggest u to hget a prostate check up. it is good if u get a prostate check up done every 2 months! whether these r the problems or not i strongly suggest u to get circumcission done ( removal of the foreskin) it is a fact that pple with no foreskin have much better erections than people with foreskin. and circumcision prevents a lot of sexual problems and infections even less risk from aids! apart from this i can suggest how u can get better erections.


1. eat 4 dates everyday and atleast two full glasses of milk
2. eat atleast 4 pieces of dry fig every day
3. practice jelquing everyday, it helps and results r seen in 1 week
4. give atleast 1 hour to workout.... not weights but cardio i strongly suggest swimming or running (cardio exercise pumps bloos in every part of ur body which is very helpful!

hope this was helpful!!