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So I was just curious, who takes the most insulin out there?  Have you been diabetic for a long time or what?  I currently take 35 units at meals plus more of regular if my sugars are higher still.  I wonder if there is anyone that takes insulin like at every meal, at night, and a whole syringe full or more??  Can you take a big dose of it at a time?  I am actually really lax with my diet and I hate exercise.  I think if I can just take enough insulin to cover all that I eat, I would be ok.  You are just replacing all the insulin in your body when you give yourself shots, right?  What's with doing the diet anyway?  No one should have to suffer for the rest of their lives to eat the dull food on a diabetic diet.  It is miserable.  I want to still eat the bread and foods I love. 


Hello, Guest!  I want to know about your diet right now and what you do with your insulin regime.  Are you pretty much eating what you want and taking insulin to bring your blood glucose levels down?  That worries me a bit just because what you will do is make your body all the more insulin resistant and gain more weight.  This is a serious path you are taking because you will do yourself more damage in the long run.  I know it is very difficult to stay on a diet that can be restrictive.  You shouldn't look at it that way.  You can still enjoy the foods you love... you just need to prepare them differently.  If you love fried chicken, you can still have chicken that is baked with special coatings you can purchase from the supermarket that can make it seem like it's fried.  You can buy ice cream that is sugar-free and if you shop around, you will find some that tastes pretty good.  The great thing about eating these foods as low-sugar/low-fat options is that you will find you will be less hungry.  Your blood sugars will be more stable and you will be less hungry. So try it and see if it makes a difference for you.  Good luck!