For the past 3 (out of 8) months the palms of my hands became itchy, sore and irritating. Then aftter around 4/5 months i noticed sort of black dots under the skin of my palms, i got told by a few people they were air bubbles, but why would i have air bubbles under my skin? then after abput 6 months of itchy hands, sore palms and b;ack dots, my palms started to peel, at first it was only a little bit, then i noticed the 'air bubbles' came cloer to the surface of my palms and as they got to the top they popped (nothing came out) they just peeled evern more. and in the last month or so the peeling has spread from not only to my palms, but to the start of my rists and my fingers. i dont know what this is but i thought i just had dry hands, but no matter how much i mouitsurize them or use idfferent types of 'dry skin' lotions or hand creams, they just get worse! i havent been to see my GP because my family think its a wasted journey. does anyone know what this could be?