Hello Everyone,
I am a 27 year old man living in the middle East. my skin type is very sensitive.
I have chronic dandruff for the last 4 years. I have been using many shampoos and home remedies and they did n't worked well on my skin. Besides this there is severe hair fall too. My scalp is full of small white flakes and there is itching and scaling too..
Recently I realised that this is spreading to my eye brows and to my chest and also have seen a few flakes on my hand n legs.

Some of my friends were telling me that this dandruff can turn to psoriasis and I am right now a bit afraid about this. Also there are many small pimple like formations all over my back and when we burst it , it will be having the sebum or the white heads which we have inside pimples..!! Is this having any connection to the dandruffs?

What is the best medication for these things? I am a man who works under a very pressurised atmosphere. Will this affect the dandruffs and the related stuffs?

Wishing You all a healthy life.