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I helped my boyfriend masterbate and he cum( no intercourse). He went to wipe his underwear with water and wear back onand washed his hands. After 3-4 hours ( the cum would have dried in my underwear?) I helped him masterbate again, directly on his penis. Then i touch the tip of his penis and there was precum on my hand. Then i accidently touch my wet vagina( not very deep), 1-2 second 
My questions are
1)will his sperms die in his pants after 3-4 hours?
2)will i get pregnant if i touch my vagina with precum? what if it is dry?

please answer my questions! i need help desperately. i dont want pregnancy. for the past few days, i cannot sleep well because of this. i am very worried i need someone to tell me! thank you very much!!


Hiya Natalie,

             For You To Full Pregnant You Need To Have Your Boyfriends Sperm In Side Your Vagina. When Sperm Reaches The Air It Dies Off

if you are worried but this wait and see if you get you period and if you do you have nothing to worry about if you do not just buy a pregnancy test from the shop to put your mind at rest. i hope you dont mind me writing to you i am here if you would like a chat