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I am new to this forum. I started search the internet for a possible connection to this terrible sore throat and awful yeast infection I am experiencing.

Is it possible that the two are connected or is it coincidental? I went and had a strep test which came up negative. The yeast infection symptoms did not appear until after I was tested for strep. I have had this sore throat for a week and a 1/2. My doctor said whatever I have is viral.

Let me add something else to the mix!! My 17 month old grandson was recently diagnosed with thrush. His gums also were very swollen and he is taking Nystatin. I called my doctor and was told I probably did not have thrush but she order my nystatin and said if I did in fact have it I would feel better in 24 hours after taking the drug. Needless to say I feel no better.

Any ideas???



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When my daughter gets a waterworks infection. She gats ear ache, sore throat an head aches. On a bad one she gets a stiff neck too.

She has been in hospital with kidney infections an water infections.

Once it was so bad they thought she had menigitis. But it was a water works infection.

So the answer to your question is Yes, you can but i dont know why.