Well, I know some tips that may help you and beauty professionals swear by them.

We are always in a hurry, aren't we? Who has time to put on makeup and get dressed when we are trying to get the kids ready for school on time? Here are 10 fast and fun beauty tips.

1-skin moisturizer-moisturize at night and wake up to fresher, younger looking skin.

2-do some deep breathing and morning stretched to get your blood pumping and get all the night's cricks out. You will feel fresh and alive and ready to take on the day.

3-get a makeup that is a base and powder in one for quick application.

4-brush hair underneath then flip over and brush. This will smooth hair and give it a little lift. Put hair up in a pony tail or clips for a young, fresh look that is quick, no time for rollers or curling irons(shower and wash hair in the evenings to save time)

5-prepare clothes night before (if you have to try on outfits, do so the night before. Dress in simple things that make you look and feel attractive and feminine, that make you feel good about yourself, and ready to face the day. (Simple is always attractive)

6-For a fast lip application, line the lips, then apply a gloss inside the liner. clean look

7-less is more. apply a thin coat of mascara or just use the clear coat kind just to bring out the lashes a bit.

8-do away with brushes for shadows and lips, use your fingers, just a dab will do you.

9-spritz on a little smell good and you're good to go

10-grab some comfortable, versatile shoes, maybe sandals, that go with most of your outfits so you're not taking all morning choosing which pair of shoes to wear today. Save the 4 inch blue pumps for your wild nights on the town.

great i hope you like it