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Im on my tenth day of being totally clean off of opiates..i abused my doctor writin rx's...120 oxycodone 5mgs a month...they wouldnt last a week..i also bought as many as i could afford off of the streets..perks,vikes,morphine,etc. I initially quit back on may 15th...and went until july 5th without any type of opiates...i was feeling better, sleeping better, on my way..then i assumed i could just do a couple..well that never happens!..i ended up using everyday for a little over 2 months..a typical relapse...well i am once again off of all opiates...including the loperamide..i used that for the first week of w/d's..tapered from 12 the first 2 days..down to 2 a day for 2 days...then just stopped with those as well...i didnt even take any sleeping pills last i normally wake everyday at 5:30ish anyway for i was up..but i am really hoping that the p.a.w.s. im about to endure will be gental to me..i have a very positive outlook on things..have faith in God..and have a wonderful wife and two sons that are everything to me...i am now in the mindset to even stop smoking pot...which has been a daily thing for over 20 yrs!...i have given up so many other hard drugs in my past...the opiates was deffinetly the worst to stop...but i DO NOT at all miss that warm buzz..i am currently workin on my future, and taking positive steps is my goal now..and i told my wife that i obviously have an addictive i NEED to channel that into a safe habit..i have wanted to play guitar my entire 39 and i see no reason i cant make that my drug of least i would not be lying,cheating,stealing to feed my addiction...opiates are an evil,evil thing when they r not used properly..i understand that there are people out there that need a maintenance drug for a better quality of life due to whatever ails them..but there are UNFORTUNATELY millions of people that abuse them and it is an epidemic of great proportion for this crazy world we live in..i pray everyday that God grants me the strength to deal with the mental distortion from all the years of abuse i put my body throught...i hope that everyone that may read this finds the strength to beat their demons..i wrote a post titled "get my life off of this shelf"...please read if u have a second...i think im finally on my way to getting my life back!..


Good for you 10 days clean , please take it a day at a time you will get there , please be good to yourself , don't give yourself a hard time , keep life simple , easy does it , All my love , xx