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hello I would like information on the Platoria Meal Plan. I have been put on this plan by Herbal Magic, it is to boost my weight loss they say, I have been enrolled and active in Herbal Magic for 3 months, I lost 5 lbs in the beginning and now I am gaining again. I take all of the supplements and buy the recommended food. It is unrealistically expensive. I also live in a rural area and having to drive in 3 times a week is impossible, the roads are bad most of the time and the weather is cold and snowing. What do you suggest. Has anyone else been placed on this diet plan...if so what were the results.. Please post am very interesting in results.


As you can see by yourself that diet plan doesn't work. In the beginning you are losing water from the organism and because of this your scale is going to show that you are slimmer than few days ago. But after two weeks this process stops and you start to gain weight again. This is exactly what has happened to you and to so many other people and the companies who are prescribing this diet plans and special and expensive foods are making money.

There are more natural and healthier way to lose weight and all you need is strong will and I can see that you have that. So instead of buying over expensive foods which you don't need adjust your nutrition and start to exercise. This will cost you nothing and after few weeks you will see and feel the results. Trust me because I am fitness trainer so I know what I am talking about. Adjusting nutrition means no junk food and no eating three hours before going to bed. It is so simple but you must be persistent.