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I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said 2 to 3 weeks. Honestly my whole life I've always swore up and down I would never have an abortion. I'm 18 years old, married to a soldier. I'm literally just now starting to get my life together. I'm starting college in March and hopefully having a job soon. My husband will not be here from February 2016 until 9 to 12 months later. That'd be the first year of our FIRST child's life that he would miss. Not to mention I am all alone here 20 hours away from family. I've know people back at home who have been accidents and their parents just always had some hatred against them. I do not want that for a child. I want to be so thrilled about having a child, but I'm not. And I feel so terrible about it. And yes, I've talked to my husband about it and he's in the same boat I am. And not to mention I'm so terrified of birth. So scared.. I need some help. Please.


Hi Guest,

I can appreciate how you feel.  I can only speak about what I read from women, and some of the men, that have posted here.

Right now you are thinking about yourself and how difficult it would be to raise a child and go to college while being far from family.  That is true but you can do it.

I will also tell you that there are many women that regret having an abortion.  Some long to know what the baby would have been like even years later.  Another thing to consider, what if something happened to your husband?

If you ever want children you'll have to give birth sooner or later.

Only you and your husband can make this decision. 

Good luck.