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Hi everyone out there,

                               I've been freaking out a bit but in the last few months, my periods which were slightlyon the heavy side got even heavier, more clots (and larger ones) and random pains in my abdomen and back which I never experienced before. So during my last period, i couldn't take it anymore and I booked a trip to my gyno... She did an full body examination(breast, pelvic,neck,pap smear), noticed what she thought might be an enlarged thyroid and had me tested for my TSH levels which came out at 0.58(micro...not sure what the units are but some masspervolume thngy) She also had me do an ultrasound, and during it, the nurse said my right ovary looked significantly bigger than the left and lo and behold she found a cyst, a 3-cm one. At the time, she calmed me down saying that since this was about the middle of my cycle, it could just be from ovulation but... who knows. At any rate it's been a week and a half now since that ultrasound and my doctor says to wait two menstrual cycles to see whether the cyst will resolve itself. the wait is tough... i was very depressed. And i'm positive i feel the cyst has grown since last week. (bending over gives more pressure on my right side than on my left side) Any body with similar experience??? tHanks for sharing!



I'm experience a similar issue. I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovary and I am now taking orthotricyclen birth control. Which I am not sure if that's working. Last month my teacher noticed I have a swollen thyroid gland (in nursing school). So I went to the doc and had blood work done. All my thyroid hormones were normal. This Thursday I go for an ultrasound of my thyroid and next Friday I will see an endocrinologist. Some of my symptoms include acne ( jawline), tiredness, hard to lose weight, depression. All the symptoms of hypothyroidism even though my levels are normal. I hope I figure it out soon. I'm feeling out of whack :/