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Hello :-)
I'm 23 years old and was on Microgynon 30 ED for nearly a year. I stopped taking it at the start of September when I had my period.
The last 3 start days of my periods have been:
-September 5th
-October 7th
-October 30th

When I was on the pill my periods were 28 days apart and before going on the pill were 27 days +/- 2 days with a pattern e.g if I was 2 days late one month I'd be 2 days early the next

My period is 3 weeks late today (Saturday Dec 18th).

I have noticed the following but I'm not sure if some of the following are psychological . . .
- Last week I had very light brown spotting/discharge lasting around 4 days
- I have been feeling sick some mornings and at other times throughout the day but this doesn't happen everyday
- I have also had period type pain/cramping during the 1st week I was late and on various other days since but again not everyday
- Towards the end of last week I was really tired and even slept in bursts between 4pm-10pm during the evening on Thursday (something I never do!)
- Last weekend I was having mood swings - extremely short tempered one minute then over excited the next
- I have had no will power what so ever when it comes to eating junk food something I normally don't do except for one treat a week on a Friday night
- My breasts feel different but I can't tell if they are bigger, I haven't felt any discomfort either
- My stomach is bloated
- I am urinating more frequently especially during the evening and am getting up once on some nights
- My cervix is very high (I can just about reach with my fingertips) and it feels soft, almost mushy

I took a HPT when I 5 days, 10 days, 14 days late all were negative

I went to my GP on Wednesday evening where another HPT was Negative. He said that it was possible the test could not pick up the pregnancy hormone as it could be a different shape (I'm assuming he means somthing similar to the Enzyme Lock and Key theory - although please correct me if I am wrong!). I am waiting to have a blood test on Wednesday morning althougth with the recent weather I am unsure if it will go ahead or be delayed until after Chrismas.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? What was the outcome for you?

What would be the chance that I am pregnant?

Any replies are welcomed, Thanks in advance!


*** UPDATE ***
Blood Results came back 'normal'
Now Im 57 days without a period so have missed two

Will be making another Drs appointment asap

I have no idea what is going on, anyones opinions/past experiences would be really helpful!


I am going threw the same thing I am on microgesten. And I should've had my period dec 17th. But I only spotted that night. And a little when id wipe after id pee. I took a test christmas eve and it was negative. I haven't taken another one though. If you could update as you know that would be great :]