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Period 5 days late, negative pregnancy test. i have a very regular 26 to 28 day menstrual cycle this month it didnt come its 5 days late today. I have protected sex all the time. Im not on any birth control. I took 2 pregnancy tests first response it was negative. I have been getting mild pain like period pain. i feel pretty normal. there is alot of vaginal discharge and i get that normally close to my period. im extremely stressed because of this whole thing. I plan to see a doctor soon. But do you think i could be pregnant. Im 21, i have normal lifestyle, potential acid reflux, not on any medication currently havent changed my diet . i havent gain any weight recently but i realized that my waist is larger than normal. Today I noticed brown spotting when I wiped after peeing. Do you think I'm pregnant?! I'm having mild period like cramps and frequent urination like every hour I have to pee. 


It does not sound completely impossible that you are pregnant. A late period, negative pregnancy test normally indicates you're not pregnant, but maybe if you took the test too early, because you ovulated late for instance, it's possible that you are pregnant. The late period is the weird thing. A lot of women do have the symptoms you mention as part of PMS.

I think it is good that you are planning on seeing a doctor. At least that way, you will know for sure and you will not have to stress out about it any longer. If it keeps happening, you will need a more in-depth checkup.