A few days ago I was really sick with the stomach virus and it lasted for a little while. The next day I felt an irritation in my vagina so I looked and I had a lot of red bleeding bumbs. I was really scared so I told my mom and we went to the gyn. but she didn't know what it was either... but she said it wasn't herpes or a yeast infection- since then the bumps have kinda flattened into brown patches kinda they're still bleeding too. They hurt and sting and sometimes they itch. Idk what it is I think it's viral or bacterial but either way I'm really getting scared that it could be getting worse.. PLEASE HELP!!!! (I have a picture idk if I can put it on here- but if u think u could identify it I'll send it to u some how. I really don't care at this point I just need help for it to go away!)