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hello every one i have a quick question , i got my implanon removed about two weeks ago and sense i been on the implanon i haven"t had a period at all! ...  i had the implanon in for 3 years in for months i do have unprotected sex with my husband a lot we are ttc but i haven"t had a period in so long that i been waiting for it to come back but lately i been feeling supper hot hungry back aches and discharge when i wipe myself its clear and gooey can any one tell me whats going on i need help i dont know any one else who has had the implanon i always get on sites like this to get advise please help!!!!!


omg, i get the same effects with the implanon my lower back kills me, and i get really really hungry I also get the mood "swings"! 

I am terrified i really want it off but my doctor keeps saying is normal but i don't think it is