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Hi, i'm a teen who has never had intercourse, but does masturbate. About two weeks ago during my period, i noticed there was a lot of dry skin around the libia majora. When i would touch it, it would scrunch up that part of skin and would have this ashy white look to it. Later on i noticed these clusters of sensitive acne around my perineum. They are painful to touch, an irritated red color, and bumpy. This has never happened to me before and i am afraid that some how i indirectly got some type of disease. BTW- about 1 week before i had started my period, i was using this fragrant soap from LUSH and i didn't have this issue, i ket using it and while i my period washing myself, i noticed the dry skin and then later on the clusters of pimples. I have no idea if it is the soap's fault because i would feel as if not using it anymore for 2 weeks would help solve the issue, but these pimples are still there.

can anyone suggest me a lotion that would help solve this issue? or maybe give me advice because i am deathly afraid of having an STD this early in my life.



i'm hoping by now you have found a solution to this issue, but if not, you may want to see your doctor, it could be contact dermatitis. Which is basically a skin infection due to lotions, creams, soaps, fabric softeners-- i had a small case of this from my cell phone and work phone. I was given a cream by my dermatologist and it cleared up with in a day or two. Nothing to be worried about unless you let it go untreated, it will only spread and itch more.