Hello. So 2 weeks ago I noticed I had a acne like bump on right side of my scortum. I just asumed it was an acne so I popped it. But instead of the usual white stuff that comes out of an acne it was some brown-ish stuff. Maybe a combination of the white stuff and blood? Anyway 1 week ago, I saw it hasn't really gone away and around the area of "acne" it got harder or it feels like there some stuff inside my scrotum which isn't on the left side. Maybe some bacteria? I don't know! And around the area of "acne" it's more noticeable then just the flat side on the left and it hurts to touch around the the place where I popped the acne and I can btw still press that area to get blood and brown-ish stuff out. If you know what it possible could be I'd very thankful for anyone telling me! As I'm not too keen on having a doctor see it in real life.