came to the internet today to look up side grandson was on adderall for several years...he said he has been off it for almost a year...he may be lying to me because i would always try to tell him how bad it was, he felt it helped him and his family wanted him to take it...he is in jail today...he went out at night with other teens and one had a gun...somehow he ended up shooting one of them (not fatally thank god)...i don't know if it was by self defense...a stupid mistake or a result of a mood swing or strange adderall psychosis because i can't talk to him...he has been charged with multiple felonies...i am in shock...i used to talk to him every few days and he has told me about how aggressive adderall makes him feel but none of us ever thought he could hurt another person...i am convinced it had a role...his personality changed on it...please don't take this drug...for yours and others safety