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Ok.. Today was the day,i said No to masturbation! want to know why?

I've been masturbating,since i found my dads first porn(back in 99' or so..) Well we are in 2010,and i just beat my meat like its going out of style
I dont relate with women,Maybe i might look at a girl and get nervous(Just by making eye contact),all i do is wait to get home and search on porn sites,to look for the best vid i can find and just .. beat it....and the worse thing is the effect it had on my penis and testicals..

So as today i woke up around 9 am...that was the first thing i did..well at 12:00 I urged for more,even as my balls felt like they are on fire...i just can't stop really,scared..
Many times i think,that im never gonna have Sex(and that is a must,in this life)

What scares me the most,is the potential i lost.. I can place two finger on my head,start rubbing..and just feel it coming,
I can ejaculate in 15 secs.. and even sometimes i might rub,and stop and i will ejaculate even with my hands removed,and just looking at my penis..Believe me,I am in a very critical today i've had the worse testical pain,lasting for several hours..
Im not looking for answers(there for the answers are written down on my forehead)...but i hope this can help anyone,that' doesnt want to end up like me... a f*****g jerk off.
thx for reading,and 1 more thing... Masturbation definitely makes you weak and slimmer! Stay away from masturbation,as much as you can,is my advice.. bye bye!


hey man.. im 19 yrs old too and im masturbating since im 12-13 yrs..

and i think we are the same, i just rub my penis and i come in 30 seconds..

but.. my testicles doesn't hurt at all..

and from now on i will STOP masturbating.. for the greater good..

thanks for the advice..



Hi! I'm 16 and a girl and I've been rubbing since I was 12 or so and I can't relate to the testes pain but my orgasms are nonexistent now :( I need to stop but that's just it... I'm addicted :'(