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I'am 25 years old and just got my tonsils/adenoids taken out yesterday so Im on day 2...I say day 2 is worse than the 1st day. My surgery was at 7am and I went home at noon...I had to return to the ER at 5 am from swelling and pain...I recommend to make sure to set your clock at nights and days to make sure you take your pain meds, I thought I could sleep through the pain well I woke up in severe pain. I drink gatoraide and eat popsciles, and ate a bowl of potato soup and 1 and a half slices of bread and took me about 1 hour to complete my meal but I feel a lot better making myself eat. Still I'am in pain and have sinus drainage which is causing me to swallow a lot more than I wish I was. My neck and face is swelled pretty bad and sore and the back of my throat is greyish colored (the scabs) my doctor said when they fall off in about 1 week that is when they are afraid of the hemmoraging also that thing that hangs in the back of your throat is about 3-4 times its original size...I'm hoping this will all be over soon anyone want to discuss this further with me

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From what i am reading i guess my pain isnt THAT bad. I am on day 3. It sucks, i am in a lot of pain and can only eat if it is in liquid form. Day 1 was cake, I got out from surgery, and went home within the hour. I was talking and was able to do so without problems. Then i think the meds wore off. That night was quite painful i could not sleep the entire night. Day two i started taking my meds.... awwww liquid vicodin, SOOO good. about 20 minutes after i take that i drink as much of the food and icecream as possible then try to sleep. Now i am on day 3 and the pain is quite bad. i took it 2 hours ago and i am already wanting to take another dos. I hope it will get better. And for all those wondering if they should do this surgery, i will let you know after my recovery. Only then will i be able to say if it was worth it.


I'm sitting across the room from my 33 year old wife who's on day 3 of recovery. She's in great pain, and seems to only sleep well through the day (on the couch as opposed to the bed).

Tonight I'll try the advice to set the alarm before her pain meds are due. We're on Lortab only. We were told to stick with Tylenol (not aspirin or ibuprofen/motrin because there's some debate as to whether they affect the blood's consistency) as a supplemental medication, but haven't gone that far yet.

Prayer for healing is our #1, though not our only, method. Here are some of the other things we're doing:

We were on milkshakes for a bit (fat free milk & ice cream with some fresh fruit), but I think too much milk is causing more harm than good. We've slowed down on that and discovered that instant mashed potatoes work well. You can adjust the consistency of them as liberally as you want. My wife has a near-vegan diet, so options are already limited. We'll try some mushroom broth tomorrow (available at Trader Joe's, if you're blessed enough to have one near you). Flav-or-ice popsicles are also on hand.

I was also told by our nurse that chewing gum is a huge benefit. The constant chewing & swallowing really help the process. Stay away from mint or cinnamon (for obvious reasons), but 1/2 sticks of old-school Juicy Fruit appear to be just the ticket.

I've been doing a bit of reading and have found that dehydration is one of the biggest concerns (along with bleeding), so we've thrown some Gatorade into the mix just to be on the safe side. Of course, I'm of the opinion that nothing's as good as plain old water, but sometimes you have to change it up a bit.

My wife had our 8+ lb. daughter naturally (on my lap, if that's not T.M.I.) and she agrees that this is comparable or worse than childbirth. More than one time she's said, "I hope this is worth it in the end."

Hang in there, those of you who are in the middle and suffering. If a word from a non-patient can offer you any peace... this too shall pass.


I am 25 and I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed 4 days ago, as well as tubes put in my ears. I don't really remember much of day 1 or 2 because I was in a vicodin coma XD I set my alarm every 4 hours so I wouldn't miss a dose. Luckily after day 2, I was able to come off the vicodin and just started taking ibuprofen. The vicodin was making me really nauseous and that started bothering me more than my throat! I definitely sympathize with everyone out there who feels like they are starving. I am dreaming about food every night! It's getting really old eating popsicles, jello, and baby food. I have tried tuna and that went down pretty well (plus the protein helps you heal). One thing that has really helped me and that I definitely recommend are cough drops. They are really soothing to your throat and plus it seems to help with the mucus. I am feeling better and better each day. It's definitely uncomfortable but I guess I have been lucky because I haven't been in the excruciating pain a lot of people are describing. In fact we are even going to the NBA Finals game 2 tomorrow night! I may not be able to yell for my team but I will be there. Go Spurs Go!!
Good luck to everyone! I wish you all a speedy recovery. Just remember, it will be worth it!


Day 4 is much better. I am able to eat a lot more, talk a lot more and all with just taking one dose of my meds. The night of day 3 was bad however, i got a bad fever and decided to take some tynonol, since i didnt want anything to go bad i decided to stop my pain meds. WOW i was up all night. And this was mostly from discomfort not pain. In the morning it was ok. Now back on the meds but only to sleep. we shall see how the night goes.


Hi sorry to hear everyone`s horror stories, im really glad I didnt read this before Friday.
Anyhow I got my tonsils removed on Friday, I live in the Uk im not sure if the methods are a lot different in other countries, im 28.
Its Sunday today and apart from feeling a bit sick and faint yesterday which was from the general anaesthetic I believe my experience so far has been no where near as bad as when I used to get Tonsillitus, I have a sore throat but not the fever that comes along with it.
Before the surgery I had a chat with the surgeon and he told me the most important thing I could do was to keep drinking water and eating foods which would help keep the back of my throat clean and prevent the scabbing from becoming too thick.
Ive been drinking chilled water non stop since waking up, and even manged chilli con carne in hospital on friday night (not much though as hospital food is gross), I do get pain mostly at night when im not drinking or taking meds after a few sips though and some painkillers ive managed 2 full nights sleep.
The medication they gave me was:
Day 1
Morphine after coming round from surgery (I took as much as they would give)
soluble paracetemol every 4 hours
Day 2
soluble paracetemol every 4 hours (500mg)
codeine every 4 hours (30mg)
Brufus syrup every 4 hours
Day 3 today
Same as day 2.

Im staggering my meds by 2 hours so I dont really get much pain.
Each morning ive coughed up a couple of blood clots but after gargling with water i havent noticed any blood.

Hope you all feel better soon and its going to worth it for you in the long run it sure will be for me


I am on day 5 after my tonsillectomy. This surgery is HELL! I have had my gallbladder out, had major back surgery, had my tubes ties, but nothing compares to this one as far as pain goes! I have been living on liquid Vicodin every 4 hrs. since my surgery and am still in pain. I've basically been eating nothing but popsicles, jello and ice cream. I'm so hungry but I can't eat anything of substance. I hate Slim Fast or Ensure so that is not an option. At this point, it even hurts to swallow saliva. I ran into a problem with low potassium so am having to swallow liquid potassium chloride in water every day and man does that BURN! It's like drinking salt water. I am having more complications than the average adult, probably because I'm 47, so quite old to be having this done. I strongly encourage anyone if they can get them out as a child versus an adult, do it! So far my scabs have not come off. I have experienced little to no bleeding except for some slight phlegm and clots which came up on day number 4. My doctor so unprepared me for this surgery. He acted like it was going to be easy. But believe me, it's not! You just gotta "bite the bullet" and get through it. But everyone keeps telling me it will be worth it in the long run.


I am 27 years old and I had my tonsils removed 6 days ago. This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life. Prior to my surgery, my doctor insisted that this was a minor surgical procedure and that i would definately have a sore throat, however he failed to mention that the pain would get worse as the days after surgery progressed. He told me that I would be eating soft meats and normal foods on the same day as my surgery. One of my ears feels like someone stuck a skewer inside of it and punctured it out. Everytime I swallow, the pressure pushes into that ear causing INTENSE pain. I'm on my third type of pain medication now because the other two did nothing for the pain. I was able to eat soft noodles and cool soup just after the surgery, but now I can't even swallow mashed potatoes or gatorade. I would have NEVER had this done if I would have known how bad this pain was going to be. The only way to not be in pain is to lay slightly inclined, spit my saliva into a cup instead of swallowing it, and to hold plastic ice cubes on my ears. Also, everytime I do eat solid food, it goes up my nose instead of down my throat causing noodles to get stuck for hours at a time. How lovely. I'm pissed the doctor didn't express the extent of pain that I would be experiencing. Don't have it done unless your life depends on it!


I'm 28 and one week post tonsillectomy. I've been on liquid hydrocodone since surgery and just refilled my second bottle. It says to take every 4-6 and I take every 4 due to pain.
I've dealt w/ peritonsillar abcess and chronic tonsilitis. The pain now is a little worse than the abcess was. I'd rather deal w/ this though than the fever involved w/ being sick for those who are contemplating surgery. It sucks but now being one week out I am glad its almost over with.
The first four days were not so bad, slept most of the day away and ate soup only w/ lots of liquids (and pain). Day 5 pain increased drastically w/ nausea and i went to the hospital due to fear of having an infection. They assured me there was nothing to worry and gave me something so I wouldn't vomit. I'm back at the desk job by day 7 but still w/ severe pain that brings me to tears when I wake up in the morning. I set the alarm for 4am just so I can take the pain meds, go back to sleep for a couple hours so the pain is bearable by the time I'm trying to go into work.
Good luck to anyone my age. It's worth it if you're suffering.


I have such mixed emotions about this board, but overall I'm glad that it's here. The first two days were like a dream. It was so easy and I thought I made out scott-free. ha! I'm now 5 days post-op, maybe 6, and so much worse than I was then. I haven't been taking my liquid oxycodone for the last couple days because it was making me so sick. I miss the pain meds, but not the wicked nausea. I alternate Advil and Tylenol now and I'm uncomfortable, and at times in pain, but I really just miss being myself. I want so bad just to go to sleep and not wake up until I'm healthy again. I'm starving, but nothing sounds good. I had a c-section after 21 hours of labor and I would rather do that than have my tonsils out again.


hey whast going on, im 21 male. i got my tonsils and adenoids removed at 3pm today. it is now 3am. i cant really sleep. i feel a lot of drainage from my nose it seems like but i do not know if this is blood or phelm and mucous. if anyone has bled what does it feel like? should i just go to the ER?


I had mine taken out 4-24-07. Ear pain was the worst, I put heating pads on them to alleviate some of the pain. Sipping room temperature water kept my throat from hurting. Foods that I found easy to go down: Applesauce, scrambled eggs (no pepper it burns), pudding, milkshakes, and freezes (mixture of a slushie with ice cream)
I'm 37 and after 2 weeks I was well on my way to recovery. By the 3 week mark I was able to eat almost anything which was a good thing because I lost 10 pounds before the surgery and 10 pounds after.


hi everyone, i am 27 and I just wanna post a positive message after getting my tonsils out. I am on my day 8. My pain is bearable that I don't have to take my Lortab Elixir after my morning dose! I drink ice water constantly to keep my throat somewhat numb and moist. Everything is back to normal. I am greatful that i was able to eat and sleep ok.

My pain is well controlled. the only thing i concern about is my breath. that is the reason i had my tonsils out. I still notice some bad breath but i hope that is from the scabs and nothing else. I really hope that once the scabs are fallen off, my bad breath will be gone too. does anyone have similar situation?


Hey everyone,

I am 19 years old and on my 4th day following a tonsillectomy, but have been following this board since about 2 weeks before my surgery. Like everyone else, I had mixed emotions.....fear of the aftermath, but excitement to get rid of my chronic tonsillitis and peri-tonsillar abscess.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up from surgery was nausea from the anesthesia. Once they gave me some anti-nausea meds, I wasn't even in that much pain. I hung out in my hospital room and alternated between drinking big cups of ice water and peeing. I was able to talk on the phone and swallow my liquid pain medicine (tylenol with codeine) I thought I had gotten off easy.

They let me go home that night, and all I could talk about was how excited I was to eat macaroni and cheese the next day. I found, however, that the pain worsened as the night went on and I was barely able to sleep for an hour without having to get up and drink water, pee, or take my pain medicines.

Day 2 wasn't too horrible, but I definitely wasn't ready for that mac and cheese like I thought I would be, mostly because my uvula was so uncomfortably swollen. I survived on popsicles, fudgsicles, pudding, jello, water, and cream of broccoli soup. All I could think about was food! I was craving pizza and wings like nobody's business. All that day, I drank water constantly and faithfully took my pain meds every 4 hours, thinking I was doing everything right and would have a successful recovery.

Early the morning of day 3, as I took my 6 am pain medication, I realized I was feeling incredibly nauseous because of the lack of food in my stomach combined with the codeine. I spent the rest of the day lying in bed, feeling miserable, unable to eat anything....(although I did still force myself to drink water). I also found that I was suddenly unable to talk at all, which made the experience all the more miserable. For some reason, (unsure if it was due to fever, nausea, or randomness), I found I was only comfortable if I kept my air conditioner on full blast at 65 degrees. The nurse practitioner at my ENT said that there wasn't much I could do for my nausea, and that there weren't really pain meds that wouldn't make me nauseous. She suggested large amounts of children's tylenol if I wanted to stick to liquid, but I switched to 2 Tylenol extra strength ezcaps every 4 hours.

I got more sleep than usual last night, (probably up to 4 hours........) but still had to get up a lot of times to pee, drink water, take Tylenol, (which definitely didn't help). I woke up today still feeling nauseous, but forced myself to eat some scrambled eggs just to get some food and protein in me. I found that the eggs kept getting stuck where my tonsil had been, and it was difficult to differentiate egg from weird white scab. There was so much egg stuck that I actually had to reach in and dislodge a lot of it. Disgusting, I know. Needless to say, I am done with scrambled eggs.

I have felt nauseous on and off all day, and the pain has been pretty bad. I'm still on Extra Strength Tylenol, and have also been using gel packs to ice the outside of my neck and face...(my teeth are really sore, I think the swelling is pushing on my wisdom teeth).

I'm still unable to talk, and today I began to experience the horrible taste in my mouth that many people have described. Jell-o tastes DISGUSTING, and I feel like I am constantly drinking juice after brushing my teeth. I tried gargling with warm water, sea salt, and hydrogen peroxide, but it didn't really help.

I think I am going to take dramamine before I go to sleep tonight, just in case it helps with the nausea.

Sorry for such a long post, but there's not much to do post-op around here! I'm hoping that this detailed description will help people, or someone will have some words of wisdom or advice for me.

I hope everyone else's recoveries are going well!


Update to my ridiculously long post from last night! I hope this is....semi-encouraging.

I took a dramamine pill last night after I posted, and it went up my nose and got stuck there! I'm not sure if anyone else has had problems with things going up instead of down when you tried to swallow. I had some problems swallowing pills when I had my abscess on my tonsil because things tended to get stuck, but this one went right in the nose! I could feel it dissolving and it was pretty yucky, and it made my soft palate hurt pretty badly. With a lot of sucking and sniffing and water, I got it down, but I can't say it did much for my nausea.

I woke up this excruciating pain. I had the beginning of the ear pain that everyone describes, and my whole face and jaw and teeth hurt. I couldn't believe that the pain could be that bad, but I was actually relieved a little because the horrible taste in my mouth that I had experienced yesterday had mostly gone away. I found that I couldn't even swallow water, but lukewarm hurt a LOT less than cold.

As the day went by, I could only get a few swallows of water down and no medicine or food, so my mom called the doctor because she was worried I was going to dehydrate and the pain was so excruciating.

My doctor, not having the best bedside manner I've seen in a medical caregiver, said it was pretty ridiculous that someone who was 19 years old couldn't deal with the pain and suck it up and eat and drink and take medicine, because this is usually the behavior she sees from her 5 year old patients. She begrudgingly admitted me to the hospital though so I could get some fluids into my system.

The hospital was the relief I have really needed. They gave me morphine and some anti-nausea meds along with my saline, so I was actually able to have a little escape from the pain and the nausea. I ate a liquid dinner! It was lovely. I wished I could have stayed overnight, (heck, for a week!) but they released me after 4 hours with a new pain medication and some pills for nausea that my doctor said I probably won't even be able to swallow.

I'm still in pain, but this is definitely manageable tonight, and my goal is to keep food in my stomach and pray that things don't get worse.

Again, hope everyone is doing well in their post-op time! I'm going to go play gamecube.