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pigwidgeonliz wrote:

My doctor, not having the best bedside manner I've seen in a medical caregiver, said it was pretty ridiculous that someone who was 19 years old couldn't deal with the pain and suck it up and eat and drink and take medicine, because this is usually the behavior she sees from her 5 year old patients. She begrudgingly admitted me to the hospital though so I could get some fluids into my system.

That's ridiculous, it's common knowledge that this surgery grows more and more difficult the older you get. Of course her five year old patients handled it better. I'm sorry your doctor slept through her medical schooling.

Anyway, I just wanted to offer some encouragement to anyone facing this surgery: I had it done two months ago and I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK SINCE THEN! This is actually a huge feat for me, considering I was sick every two weeks for almost a year prior to surgery. I'm breathing much better at night, too. I am very glad I had my tonsils taken out. IMO, it was definitely worth the pain of recovery.

Happy Father's Day, everybody.


I'm a 37-year old male on my 5th day of recovery. I wanted to share my experience as it's been both good & bad.

I had my tonsillectomy in the late afternoon of 6/13. I spent an hour or so in recovery peacefully sleeping away before I was awakened by one of the nurses asking if I wanted a popsicle. Heck yeah I wanted a popsicle! The pain wasn't bad, per se, just "there", like the feeling you have after someone pinches you. Apparent but not overwhelming. Thank God for anesthetic... I got dressed without much effort, although I was a bit woozy, and when I got home I was tired but didn't want to go to bed just yet. My doc gave me 4 meds; Percocet, liquid Lidocaine, liquid Lortab, and liquid Azithromycin. Swallowing wasn't bad (yet) so I took some of the Lortab and Percocet. The Lidocaine was so thick that I had to pour some of it into another container so I could mix the rest of the bottle with water. I was talking with a friend of mine that had stopped by and after they left my mom & I (who was in town to watch me) went to the grocery store for some provisions. While I was a bit tired, we were at the store for almost an hour and I was fine, overall. We picked up various food (ha!) items like chicken breasts, lettuce, crackers, fish... How delusional was I? The only thing we ended up buying that turned out to be swallowable were the potatoes. Mashed with creamy butter! I had popsicles & sherbet in the fridge before the surgery but eating/swallowing those has been tough for some reason.

I had scrambled eggs that night (they went down a little rough) and even some the next afternoon (again, a little rough going down). My throat wasn't too bad either time, but the affects of the anesthetic were beginning to wear off. I couldn't sleep laying down as I had one heck of a post-nasal drip that was also cutting off my air flow. I would try to hawk the mucus (sorry...) but if I wanted to swallow, it was painful. So, I slept propped up in my recliner for the that first night (and ever since) and didn't have too much trouble. I can't believe how much I [have to] spit in lieu of swallowing. I keep a small bowl next to me that I empty out every few hours for this wonderful activity.

I've had to take the meds about every 4 hours or else the pain in my throat will knock me over. The Percocet was ripping my stomach to shreds so my doc put me on Vicodin. I would take the Vic first then do the liquids drugs so as to not dilute them with the water from taking the pills. The Lidocaine has been the worst. Even with diluting it with water it's still too thick to be able to gargle with it, and when I've tried, I gag which is not that great for your throat... So, I've not used the Lidocaine since the 2nd night and my throat doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear. Burping, hiccups, or even a bit of indisgestion (followed by a burp or two) have plagued me. Not sure where they're coming from (especially the indigestion) but they are NOT fun with a sore throat!

I ran a fever the 2nd night (I think from a small infection from the scrambled eggs) that lasted most of the night. So, remembering the old adage, I fed my fever by cranking up the heat, wrapping myself up in a thermal blanket, and putting on a wool cap. By Saturday morning I was fine again. Drinking water has been really tough. It's like trying to drink a bucket of bent, rusty nails. While I know how important it is to stay hydrated, if I make it through a full glass of water within an hour, I'm lucky, which I guess is better than nothing. And sipping is the key. Don't try to take big gulps. That will only put pressure on your throat causing it & your ears pain. Take small sips & be patient...

I've had a few slices of bread but outside of some mashed potatoes last night and the scrambled eggs, I haven't eaten a thing. And don't even thinking about pooping. I haven't gone since the surgery. While I have eaten, my body has probably digested the waste for energy since the surgery and & the drugs take a lot out of you. Despite it all, I definitely have cravings! Pizza, cheeseburgers, steak, fish, Mike & Ikes, KFC, ribs, & chicken wings. Barbecued chicken wings (glazed with honey, brown sugar, chipotle, and red peppers) with a side of blue cheese dressing. Yuuuu-umm!! I've lost 10 pounds since my surgery but the day I can swallow painfree again, I'll probably gain it all back in chicken wings! Right now, the pain from swallowing food is just too much to coax me into eating my favorite foods, even in small, eensy, teensy bites.

I haven't shaved in almost a week and am beginning to look like a human/Wookie hybrid. And I've only showered twice since the surgery. I just don't have the energy to do either.

My ears are beging to hurt today but they aren't bad. I've used ice packs on my throat and just below my ears and they seem to help. What's really, really strange is that since donning my wool cap when I had my fever, my ears actually feel better with the cap on. I'm not sure if it's the pressure on my head, or the fact that it holds in some heat turning it into a "natural" heat compress. Whatever the reason, I've had two wool hats on (the 2nd to add more heat) for the past few days and while I can hear the ringing in my ears the pain isn't too bad (unless the worst is yet to come!).

My nausea has been touch & go (it was REALLY bad with the Percocet) and I'm trying to time my small bites of food within an hour of taking my drugs. Otherwise, I'm guessing the drugs are the main reason for my upset tummy. Still, eating has it challenges. No matter which side of my throat I try to aim the food towards when I swallow, it's just painful. Plus, I'm sure it doesn't help when I watch one of my favorite channels, The Food Network, throughout the day. God! EVERYthing looks so dang tasty!!! I haven't learned how not to salivate when I see something yummy!

Overall, the experience hasn't been as horrible as I thought I might/would be (unless more is in store...). I still have some of the whiteness in my throat, so the formation of the scabs is probably still to come but I think eating from the get-go and forcing myself to drink water (even if it's not a gallon a day) has helped tremendously in my recovery. My voice was fine the day after the surgery but it's been very, very raspy since and it's hard to talk after 5 minutes or so. So, don't push yourself. It's hard on the ears and throat. Talk only if you must. I have been sleeping a lot and catching up on a lot of TV on my laptop I downloaded pre-surgery. So, being out of commission has had its perks. I know that in the long run this is/was the right thing to do; I just can't wait for the day I can write this experience off! Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share my experience thus far to show both the good & bad (and maybe the expected). Stick with it everybody. The end of the pain & misery WILL come. And then? It's off to inhale a couple buckets packed full of chicken wings!


I have been somewhat emotional reading these postings. I am on day 12 and thought I would breeze through the post op stuff and enjoy two weeks away from work - watching tv and reading! I have two children and would gladly have given birth 10 times over than have gone through the pain of the last 12 days. The first few days were ok and I thought I was one of the lucky ones who was going to recover quickly. The pain progressivley worsened up until day 6 when I went back to hospital for dehydration, pain and nausea. I was rehydrated, given one dose of anti-nausea medication and sent home and told to keep eating and drinking or I would never get better! I have taken Codiene, paracetemol and Oxycontin to 'control' the pain and am only now able to cope with just paracetemol, having been in and out of agony for the past 11 days. I'm in Australia and the common post-op advice is to eat normal food from day 1 as it helps speed the healing process. From what I read here, there does not seem to be any difference between those who eat normally or those who stick with fluids. To all those who are suffering right now - hang in there - it does get better!!!!


So I had my tonsils out on Monday the it's now been 10 days. I'm 21 and got them out b/c of chronic strep throat that had quit responding to antibiotic as well as permanently enlarged, cryptic tonsils. Overall, the tonsillectomy was not nearly as bad as I had imagined. Maybe my pain sensors in that area are just dulled from the massive bouts of strep throat I'm accostomed to. I would gauge the pain as a moderate bout of strep that's lasted 10+ days. Contrary to everything I've read, my pain is always better in the AM and gets worse as the day goes on. I quit taking my liquid pain med. after 3 days b/c it was making me sleep ALL THE TIME and also made me "shaky" and nauseous. So, I've been fine w/o any pain medication since day 3. I've stuck to a diet of mostly clear liquids, soup, sweet potatoes, ice cream, and popsicles. Here and there I've had a little bit of macaroni & cheese...I had a really good day 2 days ago and decided I'd try to eat a cheeseburger....not a good idea. I regretted that later! I think the worst part overall about the surgery is the intense cravings (I would kill for "real" food right now!) and how tired I am from not eating much. Honestly, I was winded just walking up and down the stairs!


I'm on day 9 and I still feel like hell from time to time. My ears will hurt so bad that it makes me dizzy. I cant drink, I can only sip and lets not talk about eating. My doctor says that I should be back on a normal diet already and the only thing close to normal that I've had is a watered down soda and jello pudding cups. When I have ear pain, I have found that getting a towel as hot as possible and putting it around my neck gives me temporary relief. I try to drink everything as cold as possible because it also slightly helps.


Guest wrote:

Hi sorry to hear everyone`s horror stories, im really glad I didnt read this before Friday.
Anyhow I got my tonsils removed on Friday, I live in the Uk im not sure if the methods are a lot different in other countries, im 28.
Its Sunday today and apart from feeling a bit sick and faint yesterday which was from the general anaesthetic I believe my experience so far has been no where near as bad as when I used to get Tonsillitus, I have a sore throat but not the fever that comes along with it.
Before the surgery I had a chat with the surgeon and he told me the most important thing I could do was to keep drinking water and eating foods which would help keep the back of my throat clean and prevent the scabbing from becoming too thick.
Ive been drinking chilled water non stop since waking up, and even manged chilli con carne in hospital on friday night (not much though as hospital food is gross), I do get pain mostly at night when im not drinking or taking meds after a few sips though and some painkillers ive managed 2 full nights sleep.
The medication they gave me was:
Day 1
Morphine after coming round from surgery (I took as much as they would give)
soluble paracetemol every 4 hours
Day 2
soluble paracetemol every 4 hours (500mg)
codeine every 4 hours (30mg)
Brufus syrup every 4 hours
Day 3 today
Same as day 2.

Im staggering my meds by 2 hours so I dont really get much pain.
Each morning ive coughed up a couple of blood clots but after gargling with water i havent noticed any blood.

Hope you all feel better soon and its going to worth it for you in the long run it sure will be for me

i am so glad you have written this, i am too in the uk and am waiting to have mine out, have suffered badly since i was 18, am now 25 and am petrified of having this op especially after reading posts on here.

please keep me update of how your doing as at the moment am thinking of bailing on the op



Had mine out at age 28. Now I am 38. I was tooling around the web as my 8 y/o son just had his T&A 3 days ago. I have to say that my pain was worse than childbirth, but it is absolutely worth it. I think I have had maybe 4 sore throats in 10 years. No antibiotics. No strep. It has been wonderful. I can breath through my nose at night. No more snoring. My voice changed so dramatically that it took my dad about a year to get use to when I would answer the phone. Everytime he would say, "Linda??" because I had been so nasally for so many years. I always said if there was even a hint that my son's tonsils should come out...out they go! I would never want him to have to go through this surgery at 28. People do not believe how badly it hurts unless they have had it done! Hang in there. You won't regret this. :-D


I got my tonsils out on Wednesday. It isn't that bad. The pain is not much different than tonsillitis, and really only hurts when I swallow. I feel like I have a fever, but my doctor told me to expect that. I threw up from the anesthesia, but it didn't hurt.

No matter how bad the pain ends up becoming, I can not regret getting my tonsils out. I think of the pain as the finale, like with fireworks. After this, it's over. It's worth it. To never have to deal with my awful rotten tonsils again... that's worth every second of pain.

If you're rethinking getting rid of your troublesome tonsils because you're scared of the pain... it really is not that bad. I know everyone feels it differently, but it's better than a lifetime of pain and illness. It will not last forever.


Hello everyone how are yall? I am on day 2 of my post op and I must say I'ts not as bad as I expected...I had mine out 6/21/07 and when I woke up I wasnt in any kind of pain....Later on that day I did have some pain and it was kinda severe, but the meds helped me out alot....I have been drinking lots of water and eating yogurt, pudding, mac and cheese, vienna sausage,popsicles and lots of gatorade and orange sherbert....It's pretty hard to swallow, but my doctor and nurse say that it will help you heal if you take in lots of fluids and keep something on your stomache...I think that in the long run this will benefit all of us and will keep us from getting those constant sore throats...Anyhow I will keep you all updated on my condition and I will keep you all in my prayers...GOD BLESS


:'( i am on day six/seven of post-tonsillectomy, i have had various broken bones & cuts requiring stitches ,so at the age of 41 i thought the tonsillectomy would be moderate (how wrong was i) the op was a snooze. the awakening was not to bad i was still pretty off it (aneithnitized), i was sent home the next day . then the real pain HELL started , i got more pain relief from my gp . at 3:30 am i had taken stronger pain relief and awoke from a short snooze in agony. i could not move my hips nor could i swallow or speak ,my wife got me to the hospital who said the infection or reaction to the other pain relief was in my joints and could be delt with pronto! so in went the needles and other drugs . then sent home the next day . once home, still in tonsillectomy hell i cannot speak hardly and have tried various food and liquid intakes, and believe me it hurts so so sooooooo much i am sick and tired and hope the pain and suffuring stop soon!!! by the way i am /was 17 stone and strong as you like but this is a nasty pain but i will win and enjoy a steak and a pint when it is over.......


Wow, I am glad I didn't read this before my surgery, however, it has been somewhat comforting to read now. I'm glad to know that the HORRIBLE pain that I have been going through, the nausea, the feeling like someone is stabbing me in the ears, and the fact that I'm starving and cannot eat seems to be what every one of you are going through too. I was so worried about my ears because they hurt like they never have before. Now that some of you mentioned that too I feel like I'm okay.

I'm a 24 year old who recently was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and so my doctor decided that a complete tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy would be the best route to open up my air ways. My doctor did a wonderful job of scaring me to death before surgery by telling me that I would be in excruciating pain post surgery. I did stay in the hospital overnight after surgery because of my apnea. When I returned home I took liquid Lortab during the day and liquid Oxycodone at night. Day 1 and 2 I thought I was DYING! For the first 5-6 nights I did not sleep through the night because the pain was so intense. I attempted to eat jello, popsicles, pudding, mashed potatoes, and sherbert....forced by my mother, and drank lots of water and some Slimfast for nutrients. I did not want to eat or drink at all because it hurt like HELL to swallow. And with all the nausea from the pain meds nothing sounded good to eat anyways. Now I'm glad my mother made me eat because the nutrients and water are what help heal you faster.

Today is day 9 and I am only having to take my pain meds like 2 times a day. I am finally sleeping through the night, still elevated, which has helped me. My ears still hurt bad occassionally. As far as eating....still just mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, frosties. I don't want to eat anything that's going to tear the scabs off because I'm afraid of the bleeding that may occur with the scabs falling off. Has anyone had alot of bleeding when the scabs fall off???

Well, I hope every one of you gets to feeling better. I know that I will be glad when I'm all better. Just hang in there and be tough. Remember you will be better in the long run.


I'm 24 on day 6 of my tonsillectomy. OH MY GOD! My doctor put me on codene, which is almost gone and i already begged and almost used up my not too happy about that. I was ok pain wise the first couple of days, bad but tollerable. The fifth day, yesterday.........i don't know whats going on in there but i can't stand it. The medicine only works for about 2 hours and then i pack my neck and face with ice and try to fall asleep, or cry. Whatever you do try not to cry it tightens your throat up and makes the pain 10 times worse. I drink as much water and tea as i can take, the more i drink the more hydrated my throat stays. Drink as much as possible it keeps the stinging down a little bit. I go to the doctor for a check up tomorrow, so hopefully i will get more drugs, cause i go back to work in three days and i think i might die!!! if anyone has any cool little tricks to help with pain let a girl know, i'll try anything :-)


It's Sunday now. The pain isn't much different. The nausea is bad, from the pain meds and the white goo at the back of my throat. Benadryl/Dramamine helps a bit.

Sprite is helping thin the goo out, too. My head is starting to hurt a lot.


I'm 27 and on day 6 tonsil free - all of the stories I've read sound very familiar to me! This is definitely a LOT worse than I ever thought it would be. The pain gets worse everyday! I finished my liquid codeine and now get to crush tylenol w/ codeine tablets into food i can barely swallow. I took the flashlight to my throat today and looked for the first time since surgery. Looks like a lot of post-op pictures I've seen on the web - but there is tiny brown/black dots at the back - plus the whiteness... anybody else experience this?[/list]


Well, I'm scheduled to have my tonsils removed in 2 days. I've been doing research on it ever since my doc. recommended getting them out. I have had chronic tonsilitis and strep, along with cryptic tonsils...its so gross.

I, personally, am glad that I've come across all of these horror stories before I go in...this way I know what the worst is and I can expect it. If I have a bad recovery I wont be suprised and I'll better know how to deal with it, and if it's not so bad, it'll be a pleasant suprise.

I have to admit I'm a little scared, I've only had one other surgery and it was cutting me open or anything.

My doc. suggested to me that I get a coblation, where they basically "vaporize your tonsil layer by layer" (as my doctor put it!) but since it typically leaves some tonsil tissue, there is the risk of those problems coming back, so I am opting for the actual tonsilectomy.

Did anyone here have the option as to which procedure, and why did you choose the tonsillectomy over the coblation? Also, does anyone know what tonsillectomy procedure their doc. used? IE-using an actual metal scalpel, using a laser scalpel, etc...?