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I am 30 it is 4 AM and I am on day 6. I am so very jealous of all of you with the good drugs you got....nothing is working and he only put me on liquid Tylenol with codiene (sp) I am in so much pain and my ears feel like someone is jabbing them with needles. I can't sleep, I puked on day 2 b/c I couldn't eat and the Tylenol made me sick. I would rather go through laber 24 more times than ever have to do this!!!! Thanks for letting me vent.....I have to leave in the morning for a 5 hour drive for work for 4 days :-S I don't know how this is going to go??!! :'(


Well I'm 3 days post opt and I'm doing ok at the moment. The scabs are discusting no doubt about that but what's worse for me is my uvuala and tongue, there both so swollen i have to sometimes sleep with my mouth open to just to feel like i'm breathing properly! All foods are kinds grossing me out at the moment, i'm eating apple sauce, jello pudding and regurlar jello and lots of water ( no where near as much as I shoud be, as much as I can handle ). i'm so nervous about the ear pain and the scabs falling off...

Take my advice take it slow with the solid food, i got desperate and hungry and on day two ate a little bit of rice with the juice of the beans... my stomach got so upset and i was leaning over throwing up at 2am (thankfully no blood when i threw up)

I too am looking forward to eating and enjoying my food again. I've planned on a steak for my back to normal meal...

Good luck everyone!


I guess I'm on day 7 now and I am not doing all that great. The good drugs I got are too strong and make me nauseous. Today has been the first day I could swallow without my entire body tensing up because of the pain. My ears feel all weird, I ended up with Thrush, and I started having a fever last night for the first time. My mouth is full of sores. I wonder if that's due to a dietary deficiency or something. My neck is killing me and I have really been exhausted today and yesterday.

I am really sorry you have to go back to work. I don't have to go back until next Monday, but I sure had all sorts of projects around the house scheduled...not likely I'm going to get to those. I am just a worthless lump right now. A miserable, worthless lump. :cry:


Hi! I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed about 4 days ago. I must say I was pretty scared about the whole thing! All I remember is when they started giving me the anesthesia, and then I woke up in the recovery room with a sore throat. For those of you who don't know, anesthesia makes you sick. Or at least it did me! Once I was wheeled back into my little hospital room I tried to drink something and promptly threw up. A good thing to know is to not take the pain meds on an empty stomach because they will probably make you nauseous. I've almost just stopped taking them because they made me throw up the first two days after surgery because I really did not want to eat anything. On a scale of 1-10, the pain has probably been around a 6. My scabs haven't started "sloughing" off yet, and I really do not look forward to that happening. The back of my throat looks absolutely disgusting, it looks like it's coated with cottage cheese. I would definitely suggest drinking as much as possible. I know it hurts (believe me!) but it will really help because your throat hurts worse when it's dry. Another good tip my ENT told me is to chew gum because it makes you salivate. Good luck!


My throat STILL hurts when I yawn, but otherwise everything is great. I'm not sure why, but my uvula hasn't gone back to its normal shape/size. It doesn't bother me, though. It just seems weird.

What really helped me was reminding myself that soon I would be looking back on the time I spent in pain. It won't last forever (though it may feel like it is).


I'm 16 years old on day 6/7 of my recovery and I can definitely say that this operation should be done as young as possible. It seems the older you are the more painful it is. I have had some severe pain but not unbearable but then again I have had the convenience of being under constant care from my parents. Keeping my throat moist helps a lot with my discomfort so I'm constantly downing juice and water. Also I've been taking Hydrocodone for pain. The worst problem I had was nausea. Vomiting is very uncomfortable post-op but my doc quickly prescribed some meds to make it stop. I've been alternating pain medicines now to make it easier on my stomach.

Hope this helps..

p.s Jello is my new favorite dessert


Hi everyone! I'm seeing a whole lot of negative posts on this subject, so I just wanted to offer a different perspective on it. I'm 26 and I just had my tonsillectomy at 8:45 a.m. today. It's now 11:00 p.m. on the same day, and I've been able to drink just about anything I want, and I've also had applesauce, jello, soup, and even scrambled eggs already today with very little pain. I'm not going to hurts, but I would liken it to a really bad case of strep throat, and I'm not experiencing ear pain. Believe me, after all of the infections I've been enduring for so long, this is nothing! I've only been taking prescription liquid hydrocodone (low dose) combined with Tylenol for pain, but for the first four hours after surgery, I elected to take only Tylenol (no hydrocodone), and that also seemed okay. The only part that was pretty uncomfortable was the first half hour after I woke up post-op because I really felt like my throat muscles would not allow me to swallow. That went away pretty quickly, though. There are several methods that can be applied to perform a tonsillectomy, and the two most traditional methods are cold blade and hot knife, both of which cause significant tissue burns and a WHOLE LOT of pain in adults. My ENT used a method called coblation with tissue welding, and I really think it makes all the difference in the world, so if you can, it might be worth searching for a ENT surgeon who uses coblation with tissue welding. Anyway, I know I'm probably crazy lucky and not the typical case, but I'm really glad I did it, and I would hate to know that people are suffering with constant discomfort due to fear of pain resulting from a tonsillectomy. Please look into the coblation with tissue welding method, and think about going through with it!!!! I really think it's worth it.
P.S. One more quick tidbit....I used to feel very nauseated after anesthesia, and I made a point to let my anesthesiologist know that prior to surgery. She, in turn, informed my post-op nurse of the same, so when I told her I was feeling sick, she put something in my I.V., and no joke, my nausea went away in less than three minutes, so there may be some hope for those of you who feel sick post-op!


I had the exact same thing wrong with me and had mine out 4 days ago. If I had a choice though, I think I would have rathered left them in.I'm not trying to scare you, but the pain, taste,smell and appearance is not worth it!!!!!!!!!


I am also someone who was scared by all of the horrendous posts I read concerning the post-op recovery pain. I am a 35 year old male on Day 17 of recovery.

Like most of you, I was lead to believe that the worst was going to happen. You name it: feels like swallowing glass, throwing up blood, swallowing nasty scabs, not eating or drinking anything, horrible ear pain, etc.

Of course, not everyone has the same experience, and mine was not nearly as painful as what is described by others on this site. I just wanted to share my positive experience so others my not be as easily scared.

Days 1-3, the pain was there but manageable, especially with the help of Percocet, which the doctor did not want to give me but I insisted upon. I am glad I did. They wanted to give me Vicoden, which in my past experience, does not work worth a damn. The worst pain I felt was in the morning, since I did not drink anything while I was sleeping, so my throat was extra dry. Yes, it did hurt, but it never felt like I was swallowing glass.

For the first three days, I subsisted on water, Slimfast, chicken broth, and popsicles. I usually took my medication with a glass of Slimfast instead of water, since Slimfast is more meal-like than water. I have taken pills like this on an empty stomach with water and ended up vomiting because there was nothing of substance in my stomach. Anyway, the Slimfast worked great.

By Day 4 I incorporated applesauce and Top Ramen into my diet. What a godsend Top Ramen turned out to be! I was never so happy eating this c**p. It was my first taste of something solid and it went down fine, albeit slowly. It took me about 45 minutes to eat half the package. Also, I got sick of taking my pills with Slimfast, so I switched to applesauce.

Everything was pretty stable until Days 7 and 8, when the pain accelerated itself. It was definitely more intense, but I took the meds every 4 hours and it was manageable. On these days I decided to start overlapping my meds by 1/2 hour, so that I would never feel the pain. I had read here that several of you had done it, so I decided to try. It did not agree with me. Maybe it was too much for my body, but I ended up vomiting. I was scared that I was going to open the wounds in my throat, but nothing bad happened. In fact, I just washed out my mouth and my throat did not feel or look any different. Thank God!

On Day 9 I started incorporating macaroni & cheese into my diet and that was much better for me that the Top Ramen. I starting having this for most of my meals, just making a box and eating what I could, then refrigerating and heating it up when I was hungry. I also used this to take my pills, still feeling a bit trepidacious about eating apple sauce again. This worked out great for me.

On Day 10, I started to turn the corner! I could go longer without my meds and my swallowing became a bit easier. Each day after that my throat was noticeably better. By Day 12 or 13, I no longer needed the Percocet. The pain was still there, but it can be best described as a minor annoyance. By Day 14 and 15, I could eat whatever I wanted, but I was still careful about chewing my food well and not swallowing too much at a time, just in case.

Now that I am on Day 17, I can still feel "something" in the back of my throat, but it does not hurt. My swallowing is still not as smooth as it was before the surgery, but I am sure that I will be back to normal in a week or so.

One note about scabbing: I was thankful for the one gentleman that posted a PDF with pics he had taken of his daily progress. It helped by to see what I could expect. However, my throat looked nothing like his. His was different shades of green, brown, and black. Mine was always white, which I hope was due to constant hydration. I forced myself to drink at least 4 bottled waters every day. The white areas in my throat just slowly started diminishing, from top to bottom. Each day past Day 10 or so, the white areas were slowly replaced by my normal throat color. No swallowing of nasty, thick scabs, just a change of color from white to pink. There are still some tiny white areas in the pits where my tonsils used to be, but that will diminish in due time.

All in all, this recovery was not as daunting as I thought, and I hope all of you have similar or better recoveries than mine!

I hope this posting helps ease some of your minds!!


Hi everyone! I'm now on day 11 of my recovery, it's 2:00 a.m., and I must admit that I was a little hasty in "bragging" about the ease of my procedure. Everything was just going so incredibly well for the first six days...I did end up getting a little ear pain in there around days 4,5,6, but otherwise, I was still able to eat full soft foods, including Mac 'n Cheese, Spaghettios, and scrambled eggs. I think my fatal downfall was that I had too many guests over during my recovery....somehow, I developed a violent upper G.I. flu on day seven...of course, the worst day of recovery. I ended up vomiting four times in two hours on the night of day seven. I got nervous the last time when I started hemorrhaging from the left tonsil and spit up about three tablespoons of fresh blood. I contacted the ENT on call, and he prescribed me some anti-nausea meds. I was so hoping to feel better the next morning, and I even slept (however uneasily) for almost six hours that night, but when I woke up, God help me, it was bad. I called the ENT on call again, and he insisted that I stay 24 hours in the hospital for observation. I was given I.V. fluids, I.V. antibiotics, and extra strength Tylenol because, honestly, the pain really wasn't too bad....just the bleeding was scary. The ENT at the hospital indicated that everything looked just right the next morning, so I decided to head home with his assurance that the chances of further hemorrhaging were "slim to none." I slept so well lat night after coming home from the hospital, but lo and behold, today (day eleven of recovery), I woke up to a big mouthful of fresh blood coming from my right tonsil....worst wake-up call I've ever had, that's for sure. I was able to stop the bleeding pretty quick with a few ice water rinses, and the rest of the day went well. I was even able to take a walk with my husband and our dogs. Then, very abruptly, at about 9:30 tonight, the left tonsil started hemorrhaging again. I thought I had it under control after about ten minutes of ice rinses, but I must have been lying to myself, because about twenty minutes later, I had another vicious bleed from the left side. I was really trying not to panic (I've heard that a little blood loss as the scabs tear away can, and does, happen), but it is simply terrifying to spit so much bright blood out....especially when you've failed to control it once already. All I could think was, "God, please, don't let me have to be recauterized....I just couldn't do this again!" With prayer and time (about another half-hour or so), I seem to be doing okay....for now. No bleeding since about 11:00 p.m. I'm still nervous, though, so I think sleeping is out of the question for me tonight. I can still see scabs in the back of my throat, so I am just going to continue praying that I am able to continue to stop the bleeding. Has anyone else had a similar experience with post-tonsillectomy bleeding?
P.S. I am STILL thankful that I went through with the tonsillectomy. I really believe that if I hadn't have taken so many visitors, I probably would not have relapsed so severely.


OK, I'm 35 years old. I'm on Day 9, and I'm a survivor.

Here are a few things I've experienced and learned from this whole ordeal. Hopefully these tips can help someone else out too...

1) STAY AHEAD OF THE PAIN!!! There was (and still is) a tremendous amount of pain. There's no way around it. You are going to experience pain. Stay ahead of the pain, by anticipating that it will constantly be there for 2-3 weeks, waiting for the moment your meds have worn off. (Take your meds at the shortest / allowable intervals if possible.) Roxicet / Oxycodone & Acetaminophen has been a god-send to me! I highly reccommend this drug, if the current one you're using isn't quite cutting it. I'd say this cuts down on the pain by 90%. Be sure to take it with you wherever you go! If you have to set an alarm to wake yourself up at night, do it....again, this will help you stay ahead of the pain.

2) DRINK TONS OF WATER!!!! This will keep you both hydrated and your throat moist. It will also help to keep those scabs soft and from making you feel like you're gonna 'gag' on them! If they do fall off, you want the scabs to come off naturally...while your're drinking so you don't feel it. (Frankly, I prefer Gatorade!) If you're a coffee fien like me, ice-coffee with a touch of flavored creamer really does the trick, it tastes good too!

3) CHEW GUM! This will also help keep your throat and mouth moist. Supposedly, this speeds up the healing process, by creating saliva flow and blood moving in the jaw / neck area. Plus you're gonna have really *BAD* breath, so why not freshen it up a bit?

4) EAT! Eventualy, you're going to need to eat. Fortunately for me, I was eating jello, apple sauce and instant cream of wheat by day 2. If that's too hard, try Slim Fast / Ensure / Boost, NEED the calories, vitamins and protien! By just sticking to water / juice, you're going to remain feeling weak and this will only add to your misery. Other 'soft' foods that worked for me: Mini raviolis, instant oatmeal, cream of ______ soup, popsicles, fuit smoothies, egg salad, mac & cheese. All of the 'hot' foods could only be eaten once they were a luke-warm temp.

5) SLEEP / REST!!!! Sleep propped up at a 30-degree angle...this helps keep your head above your heart, as well as reduce the chance bleeding / throwing up and choking on it.'s only for about 2 weeks or so. Also, the less talking and phyical exercise you do, the fater it's going to heal. I made the mistake of going back to work on day 3, did a whole lot of talking on the phone and this really seemed to irritate my throat.

6) DO NOT COUGH / TRY TO CLEAR YOUR THROAT! This is a sure-fire way to open up those scabs and start bleeding. If you have phlem in your throat, it's better to swallow it (Yah, it does sound gross) rather than to risk the alternative. Remember, this doesn't last forever.

7) EAR ACHE??? Yah, I have them too....bad! Really cold beverages seem to soothe the throat, which cuts down on the 'referred' pain to my ears. Gel packs placed below your ear on your neck will also help. Also, for some reason, my ear pain went away while I was chewing gum.
If this doesn't help, I'm sure you're prescribed narcotic will do the trick.

Hope some of these suggestions help. They did for me and I'm huge wimp when it comes to pain.


I had my tonsils taken out on July 4th. The doc sent the ole buggers out for pathology and the report came back that I had a colony of bacterial infection that was a pretty bad one according to the doc.
I couldn't eat for 10 days. Only Italian Ices. I kept sipping ice water cause it felt like it was helping soothe the throat. I did not find the oral gel lidocaine very helpful. It didn't last long. Eating was pure hell. I lost 12 pounds and didn't have a bowel movement for 13 days.
The most interesting thing about the whole ordeal was the loss of taste for almost all flavors except sugar. It is now almost a month later and I have a lot of drymess in the back of my throat and I have to keep drinking ice water. I don't like the taste of many foods I used to enjoy. Does this subside with time? My throat is still sore a little and the dryness bugs me but the benefits are numerous.
I finally get a full nights sleep, I am DREAMING for the first time in my life...I never dreamt before! I can't believe it. Also I am snoring alot less and my breath seems to be improving. My constant earaches seem to be gone and my mental attitude seems better..more alert less cranky..probably cause I am sleeping better! It was a tough road but, wwell worth it!


I am 20, and am finishing up day 10 of hell. I needed to get my tonisls out due to sleep apnea, and chronic strep throat/tonsilitis (trust me, 3 times in a month is not fun).
The first two days i couldn't eat or drink at all due to the pain and swelling. On the night of day 2 i was so swollen i was choking on my saliva and couldn't swallow and pain meds. My mom took me to the ER where i passed out from dehydration. A few IV's and a morphine drip later I was sent home with some stronger pain meds, steroids for the swelling and instuctions to ice my throat.
Day 3, 4, 5 followed slowly and miserably, but i was swallowing and managed to choke some jello down.
Day 6 started with a bang. I woke up with instese pain that would not subside and then began to bleed profusely. The blood that got swallowed made me nauseous and I began throwing up making my throat feel even worse. My mom took me into my ENT who checked me out and sent me home with some anti-nauseua meds.
Day 7 I wake up not bleeding thankfully, but this time with white-lesions and a bloody tounge. My mom once again takes me to the ER where I am informed that all of the antibitocs i am on have caused me to get Oral Thrush, a fungus like buildup infection in my mouth. Not only hurt like hell, but it looks gross too. The Dr.s now prescribe me a nyosin rinse, which taste oh so yummy (not).
Day 8 I have an allergic reaction to the nyosin and the taste buds on my tounge become enflammed, red, and burn. Also, my throat begins to bleed again and this time i guess the ENT feels that its serisous, and rushes me into surgery to recauterize my throat.
Yesterday and today pretty much felt like i have started this whole process over...hopefully there won't be as many complications. This has been the worst expirience of my life, no joke. I've lost 10lbs, can't poop, can't eat, can barely drink. Not to mention i'm so drugged up i feel like i'm stoned 24/7, but the drugs don't really manage the pain they just knock me out. Looking back, I would rather deal with strep throat for the rest of my life then have to do this all over again. It's really the pits, and I better get well before I have to move back to school becuase i can't really afford to be like this down at school. :-(


I'm officially on day 5 of recovery. I had my adenoids, and tonsils removed. I knew there was going to be pain but i didn't think it would hurt more than the original chronic strep throat i had :-(

One thing i felt was that the doctor didn't really go over anything with me wat to expect or what is normal. All i was handed was a piece of paper of what i can and cannot eat. nothing about symptoms afterwards or anything. One thing i noticed immediately was the phlegm in my throat. THis caused me not to sleep for the first 2 days, i still have trouble sleeping but i can now spit the phlegm up. I think the phlegm was the worst part, it feels as if i'm gagging or choking on it! its quite ridiculous >:( ALSO i don't know what people mean by seeing white scabs, i can't even open my mouth wide enough to see it, and my tongue is swollen lol!

I was able to eat the first day, i was told it would hurt less the first two to three days but for me it has hurt more!!! now finally on day 5 its more managable. I'm not sure if i have had the scabs fall off, cuz i have read that i either is mixed with the phlegm, or they fall off. But i think i have already had the fall off we shall see though.

I must say drinking ice cold water feels amazing. Ice chips, otter pops (they aren't soo acidic as other popsicles), and jello (not the sugar free kind burns like hell) help with hunger. All i can think about is steak, chinese food, mexican food, and pizza HAHA. Frozen peas help with the pressure and pain around the face. I hope it gets better with each day.

I just hope for all those out there being hesitant, go for it if u have problems, yes the pain is a annoying, the phlegm is gross, and eating is nasty as well, but in the long run i know i will do better. Just make sure u ask ur doctor EVERYTHING u might experience. I think my main problem with freaking out is not knowing if signs of coughing, phlegm, or gagging are normal!!!



ok i go in for surgery in 3 days and i now wish i wouldnt have read any of this!! and to the guy that posted his website with the pictures, i couldnt help but look. thank you for the nasty display of what im about to put myself through. im 21 so hopefully being a "little" on the younger side that will help. the only real thing im worried about is that i took 2 weeks off from work. is that going to be enough time?? and one more thing. im a 911 dispatcher, am i going to be able to talk after this death trap im jumping into?? if not im out of luck for my career! o.O <- thats what i looked like after i looked at this website, and needless to say im at work where i hear it all!!!