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I'm glad the lip pimple is gone.

The thing about pimples and being a symptom is that they naturally occur. I asked about blisters because those would be a sign, as would ulcers or chancres. Since you're not seeing them then at this point we can't say.

Just continue to keep an eye on things.

One other thing, since you say the look like mosquito bites, could they be from bed bugs or maybe even fleas? You can get them from a lot of places too.


Any Input please!!!



The problem is that you are experiencing "non-specific" symptoms. Without a physical exam and some tests, a diagnosis can not be made.

As I told you before, the internet can't answer every question.

The only "sure" thing for you do to is to see your doctor. They need to examine these pimples/bumps and run a test for the penis itch/testicle pain that you had.

Please put your mind at ease and go see a doctor.


Hi Medi Can,

I know the only way to diagnose is to get Tested.

Today after nearly 7 weeks after exposure, when i woke up in morning I felt feeling of quite unwellness as if i am going to come down with Flu or some thing and I immediately check with thermometer and the thermometer shown the temperature to be 97.9 which i think is normal.
Also i had some discomfort on behind my Left ear, on neck bone and inside the ear as well as if somebody is piercing it.and pressing hard at it. Same feeling i had in my left Underarm. I touched them and felt no swelling. Because I have read on various websites the symptoms of primary HIV infection are swollen Lymph nodes and which can be anywhere but specially underamrs and on neck.
I am freaking here again!!! What it could be?


Hi worried,

97.9 as a temperature, especially when you just got up would be considered normal. It could be the lymph nodes you're feeling. You could possibly have an ear infection, by the pain you're feeling.

I know you're upset, but you need tests. The thing is, you're thinking "worst case" and IT MAY NOT BE. Seeing a doctor would be the best to help put your mind at ease.

The problem with HIV in particular is that it can look like the flu at first. On your initial post I only mentioned it because it could be a possibility and would be remiss not to mention it. At this point whether or not it is HIV should not be of concern, the issue as I see it now is that it has been 7 weeks and you still aren't feeling well. You don't know what is wrong and you are scared.

Completely understandable.

Hang in there.


Hi Medican,

The thing is the Pain feeling behind my ear is not ALWAYS there.. and it comes and got many times in whole day.
Plus, when i touch it .. i dont feel any PALPABLE region on my neck or Underarms.
But ARS comes in 2-4 weeks? right?

but its been more than 7 weeks now..Today I am feeling Perfectly fine.
So this is the thing.. 2 days I am fully like low with HOT HEAD and FACE. And when i check my temperature with thermometer and when it comes out it shows 97.4 - 98.1 fluctuates between that range!!
When you have ARS the fever has to be Lowgrade which means 101 or i right?

Today I am feeling perfectly fine ....but you never know if i will be feeling low again tommorow.
This On and Off Low feeling is coming and going every 3-4 days.

Can it be ARS?

Please give me some input



Yes, you'd usually notice ARS (Acute Retroviral Syndrome) symptoms in a couple of weeks. You're well past the timeline and the symptoms normally wouldn't have lasted this long. You can't diagnose HIV by symptoms, only by a test.

I don't think you have HIV. I think you may have or had a viral infection of some sort. 97.4-98.1 is not a temperature. Low grade would usually be around 100 or so. A viral infection will account for the feeling warm, flushing, and some aches/pains.

The pain in the ear coming and going could be the result of an ear infection. Just by moving your jaw you manipulate the passages so pressure changes result. The pain occurs when pressure builds on the nerves, most likely from a blockage, or partial blockage, of the euchastian tubes.

A viral infection could lead to the ear infection but they are commonly bacterial. There are hundreds of viruses. You can also have more than one virus.

Viral infections can take a while to recover from fully. You may feel tired or get flushed with simple activities for a period.

Keep drinking, lots of fluids. Take some OTC pain reliever for the discomfort and get lots of rest.

Keep us posted.


Hi Medican,

Every thing seems to be gone, except now i am getting body itch on and off (mostly in nights) without any rashes and its like a Jock Itch.
Also, from time to time I have some dry coughs (specially when i smoke). Never used to happen before.

I have some queries about ARS as well:
Whats the normal RUNNING duration of ARS?

I know some of them doesnt go through ARS.
IF at all some one gets symptoms of ARS:

a) Can they Stay for half a week?
b) Fever of 99 can be a Fever associated with ARS?
c) get Diarrhea for once a Day and only for a day or 2?

With no other symptom!!

Any information will be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!


Hi worried,

Glad things are going away.

The whole body itch, it could be a form of dermatitis. Have you changed soaps or detergents?

It is hard to say about the cough. Since it seems to occur when you smoke it could just be irritated. You may have an allergy or there may be an underlying viral infection.

99 is considered a low grade fever. Again, it could be a viral infection.

ARS would usually start 2-4 weeks after exposure and symptoms last 3-14 days. It appears flu-like. Your temperature would probably be over 100.

The diarrhea could also be viral in nature.

Sorry there are so many "could be's."