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Okay. So I'm 17 and I have missed my period a week and two days nlw. Well my nipples are sore, I have been feeling a little nausea, I'm not really tired. I've taken 4 home pregnancy test and all negative. I've taken two doctor unrin test and negative. Today I went into Tue bathroom and I peed and I had light pink on the toilet paper. But no where else. I'm bloated, headaches, am I pregnant? Should I go get a blood pregnancy test done? Or wait and see if iget my period? I'm kinda hoping I am pregnant.


Was all the pregnancy test taken in the middle of the day? If so retest using the first wake up urine of the day as it will contain the highest levels of HCG hormone if your pregnant. If still negative wait a week longer for your period. If still no period and over 14 days late I suggest going to the doctor and getting a blood pregnancy test done. They are more accurate than the urine test and can detect smaller amounts of the HCG hormone. Some women can not get a positive urine pregnancy test because they do not produce enough of the pregnancy HCG hormone. Also your doctor can check for other conditions like thyroid problems, other hormone malfunctions, etc to see why your period is late. When your hoping your pregnant sometimes you can mentally cause physical symptoms like nausea and sore nipples. Good Luck