Hi i was wondering if anyone can assist me? Im trying to fall pregnant and im not sure if i am, because this would be my first time... I followed my menstrual calendar, im not irregular at all, i had sex with my fiance on every single fertile day, including my ovulation day and the following day... 2 weeks later, i fell ill, vomiting, any smell made me vomit, its been like this for a while... a week later 3 days before my menstrual was due i took a test in the evening, it was negative, the next morning i took another test, it was a faint positive... i spotted for 4 days during that week... this week i took another test thinking it would be a darker positive, but it was negative, bare in mind that my period is 6 days late now, this morning i woke up and had a little blood once again, i think im spotting again, i mean theres barely any blood and its been 12 hours, its a faint pinkish colour, i have no pain at all, so i dont know what to think, a period is usually constant, and fills a pad within an hour or two but not this time around.... my question is... AM I PREGNANT?? :(